Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Off to town on my bike

Regular readers will have caught my musings about cycling into Bury St Edmunds. It's a fantastic ride, which allows you to free-wheel for most of the way. I can bomb down like a big kid, but there is always payback on the journey home. The long steep path back home to Moreton Hall means that I don't cycle into town as often as I would really like, as being a fairly unfit 21st Century Mummy, I normally have to get off the bike and push for most of the journey back (disgraced by all those fit young things whizzing by)!

However, on a sunny day like today, there was just no stopping me! I had to go into town to get an ink cartridge so I can print out my son's birthday party invitations. I made it into town in just 15 minutes (and I didn't even fall off when my friend beeped at me from her car). However, best of all (and please allow me a big pat on the back), I cycled back up those hills with no stopping and made it home in about 20 minutes flat! Ooohh "get me"!

Here's a picture of what I call Devil's Lane...I don't know what its real name is, but it's a Devil of a job to cycle back up.

So - twas a great day out, no car park to rush back to, had a fabulous relaxing stroll around the shops, a leisurely lunch, got everything I wanted including material for the birthday bunting...

..."oh booger",

I've just realised that I've forgotten the ink cartridge that I went in for in the first place!


Ruby in Bury said...

You are inspirational. I soon intend to try the bike hike up the hill in to Moreton Hall on my bike.

Mr Ruby thinks we're lame for wanting a bike taxi-ing service :-( (Well, he thinks I am, he's too polite to say he thinks you are :-D)

LOL@forgetting the ink cartridge. I would have done that too. I went all round the market and St John's St today with DVDs to return in my bag, and ended up back at home with them in my bag as well!!

21st Century Mummy said...

I did that same route today, but coming back up with a 15kilo toddler (and his bag of spare pants etc) plus a load of fruit from the market was just a killer. Today, I sadly had to get off and push.

Little T, just happened to nod off in his bike seat so he was alright (ok for some).

I remembered the ink cartridge though, but as I'd forgotten to check if any of my other colours were low, I was not risking that hill again. So I bought the whole set. After spending £35, I came home to find that it was only the yellow I needed. ;-C

So that bike taxi is still much in demand ~;'~[k']