Monday, June 11, 2007

It's party time... the countdown

I can't believe that my youngest son is going to be three years old in three weeks time. I know, he doesn't look it in the photo does he? He's just 5 months old here, so where did all the time go? There is nothing quite like children growing up that makes you realise that time passes fast and often way too quickly.

I love organising children's parties, when they are simple and unfussy (and not overcrowded ; -0 ). This will be his first proper birthday party and I am looking foward to a simple tea party at home. Think 21st Century Mummy does 1970s style kids party and you'll get the picture!

So, it's time to get those invitations printed (must get new cartridge), practice cake-making, dig out the 1970s flares (or is that flairs?) while trying to keep a lid on all my excitement!

You never know, I might even make some party bunting this year - so watch this space!

The Countdown

20 days to go:

Got to sort out the invitations. "oh booger" forgot to get the ink cartridge, will have to print them out later this week instead. Bonus point - I've remembered to get the material for the bunting ;-)

2 days to go:

Invitations did eventually go out. Still haven't made bunting - been having fun instead!