Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recycling Men

It's very rare that I post up the same thing across two blogs, but this illustration is worth sharing. It's by Ray Smith, a very talented UK illustrator. For more info, pop over to The Rubbish Diet site, where there are lots of updates on how I am managing to slim my bin.


Rosie said...

Brilliant 21CM! I love the 'Only one per car' sign!!!
If you recycle them what do they come back as?
Can you recycle them twice if you don't like the improved version? What if they qualify for several different categories? A bone idle couch potato for example?

Florries Mum said...

I was going to leave my first reaction, but Rosie beat me to it. I wonder if BB would agree with the category I would put him in-would any man? There is no category for Mr Perfect so they wouldn't know which one to go for!

Bury Boy said...

I take it you cant recycle a woman then?
Makes comment withdraws to safe distance and waits ........

Then again FM has to confide in me which category she thinks I am worthy of.

zooarchaeologist said...

I love the way it looks like its not quite finished from the left. Can we add a few more categories:
furtive, asleep, and a special one where we can put playstations :)

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL Rosie - perhaps I should ask Ray if he can give me another cartoon to show the end results...that would be fabulous. I think that if they straggled the bone idle couch potato categories, they should be made to erm....I've got it....straddle ;-D

Hi FM - LOL. I think BB's category is somewhere off to the left.

I'm still enjoying the cartoon. Ray is so talented and if I am allowed to share more of his illustrations, I promise I will.

BB - safe distance is the right thing to do....question is, has FM confessed yet? Do tell!

That's so true Zooarchaeologist...what do we do with the playstation.