Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Those Gritters

I have a teeny weeny confession and thought I'd seek consensus whether I am just plain bonkers or whether I am amongst fellow confessors.


There...I've said it!

Yes, I really really love road gritters. They're more exciting than tractors and more fascinating than diggers.

There is just one thing that I must ask. Does anyone else duck when they pass on the other side of the road?

Okay I admit it. I do. Even from the safety of my car.

One thing I am NOT is a gritter spotter. However, if YOU are and you live in Suffolk, this is where you can find them:


Rosie said...

I have to admit that I do take cover when they pass by. I wonder if they have ever taken anyone's eye out??

Bury Girl said...

...or a windscreen?????

grumpyoldwoman said...

Gritters leave me cold but I love the smell of freshly laid tarmac - ummmmm

Kate said...

You mention folk ducking even in the safety of their cars... I can relate to that - when I'm sitting in the back seat behind the driver and we are speeding along and I spy another car coming towards us in the opposite direction. I automatically move over nearer to the other passenger in the back seat - so that car going in the opposite direction can't hit me as we are going along the road. Having re-read the last bit I hope you can figure out what the hay I mean !!! I do this out of habit and terror. I used to be sitting on the back seat when my Father in law was driving - a pretty hair raising experience I can assure you... Cheers, Kate. Yeah, Grumpy I also love that tar smell too !

Alasdair said...

Gritters are cool! In fact there's been one going up and down this evening ... the best thing about gritters though is when they stick the plough on front and there is a perpetually breaking wave of snow in front of them :D

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Rosie - I bet there'd be some complaints and calls for compensation if that happened ;-D

I bet there have been a few windscreens Bury Girl. ;-(

Sorry Grumps but I can't do tarmac, not my kind of thing...far too messy.

LOL Kate - sounds like there've been plenty of experiences.

At last Alasdair - another gritter fan. Now you mention the snow plough...that's even far more exciting ;-D