Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rabbit is the dish of the day.

My 3 year old loves eating rabbits. It started about 2 months ago, when during a difficult and fussy eating period I made him a special rabbit dish, served with a range of vegetables.

He now regularly requests rabbit. In fact as I woke up this morning, I could hear him harrassing 21st C Dad

"rabbit please daddy.....daddy, please can I have rabbit....."

I rolled over in bed and thought, poor 21st C Dad...what have I started.

Now before you think that the little one is heavily into eating the little fluffy bunnies and ponder on how unusual it is or even how dreadful, I have to at least put forward my line of defence.

You see, his preference for rabbit is agreed unusual, but honestly it isn't that dreadful.

No, it is healthy for a young child to have an interesting and varied diet, don't you think.

And I am sure that even the vegetarians among you will agree, that when served appropriately, rabbit is a good choice.

Before you pass judgement, I am happy to reveal his favourite dish as illustrated below. Apologies for the quality but he started nibbling the ears before I reached for the camera.


Patricia said...

I love it !!! I miss those days of creatively trying to get the kids to eat something half way healthy !! That is great !!

Baba said...

We love the rabbit (too good to eat even!)although we were prepared to be very impressed (before seeing the photo) at the thought that your youngest may well have such sophisticated taste!! If you ever have a bad day, there should be someone on hand to create something so lovely for tea - regardless of age, that would always make you smile!! XX

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Patricia - thank you. What I love about the rabbit is that you can add anything that you like to it. We've run out of carrots and cheese, so today's rabbit has been ham and grapes. I'm just relieved that despite the fun, we don't have to turn all food into a work of art ;-D

Hi Baba - sorry to disappoint ;-D So true about someone creating something lovely for tea. Over Christmas 21st C Dad made a fabulous Beef Wellington. He doesn't get in the kitchen that often but when he does the results are spectacular.

Hmm Beef Wellington, I'm pretty sure I could recreate that with a slice of meat and a jacket potato...;-D

picklesmum said...

I cannot believe they fell for the 'disguise the food as a rabbit' trick. I must be lacking in the artistic department as both Pickle and her sister always looked at me as if to say 'Don't be so stupid, I know it's still vegetables'.
Congratulations to you!

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL Picklesmum - My 3 year old is becoming more sophisticated by the day and now asks for a pretend rabbit. However, 21st C Dad is still impressed, as he admits that his attempts are more abstract. ;-D