Monday, December 31, 2007

Or is it Happy Easter already?

Now that Father Christmas has hung up his red coat and boots, I am most sorry to inform you that it looks like the Easter Bunny has already emerged from her burrow.

I know... it isn't even 2008 yet, well not for another 30 minutes!

The evidence was spotted in Tesco Express this afternoon. I only nipped in to get a top-up of bread and milk and was almost bowled over to see a display of Cadbury's Mini Eggs and Mars eggs.

Tesco...shame on you and any other retailer who chooses to destroy our sense of seasons.

As the pantomime season isn't quite over....this one is especially for you....


...and that's not just because I'm giving up chocolate for the new year!



Ruby in Bury said...

When I was having a conversation with my daughter about stocking fillers this year, and what chocolates to put in, she mentioned Cadburys cream eggs!! I laughed, and explained there would be none around till the run up to Easter. Seems I was wrong?!!

But easter eggs as a stocking filler - no, that's just wrong, too.

21st Century Mummy said...

Ruby - you are definitely wrong about the Easter Eggs availablity. I popped in yesterday to see that the supply has multiplied overnight and my discontent over this is now very much heightened. You're right about the stocking filler....that is very very wrong ;-D

Ruby in Bury said...

Aargh! More eggs! What's happening to our traditions?

Christians don't know whether they're coming or going - as fast as Jesus is born, he's risen again. And pagans hardly have time to bring winter greenery indoors before they need to start celebrating new life ... I know Cadbury's cream eggs are very nice, but they're better at easter ;-)

21st Century Mummy said...

ROFL - oh Ruby, your comments have definitely cheered me up over the eggs. I am definitely boycotting them, which will hopefully help the pounds. Cadbury and Mars are such naughty naughty companies for despatching them so early.