Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's time to go back to bed when...

You wake up tired and full of cold.

You go down to breakfast to find the milk has run out.

There's no food in the fridge. That's okay because you can drive to the supermarket to quickly top up.

But then your husband tells you he needs the car (because his windscreen is cracked).

You accidentally spill the juice...which spills onto the remainder of the Christmas cake.

When clearing up the juice, you knock over a glass, not just any glass, but your favourite glass. Not only do you burst into tears, but so does your toddler who is also upset about the broken spotty glass, smashed all over the floor.

When helping your little one with his Christmas homework, which is due tomorrow, you realise that the project is to track the weather for a week over the Christmas holidays.

You still need food and in the bitter cold you head off to the local shop with a 6 year old who wants to cuddle up in the warmth of the house.

At least we can mark down today's weather...cloudy, windy and blimming freezing.

...and that's all by 11.30.

I think I'm going to find the duvet. See you on Thursday.


Baba said...

Poor poor Mummy - that's so not fair! Really hope you feel better the resolutions by the way - when you optimise the formula for losing weight, drinking less wine, spending less and staying on top of the house work PLEASE PLEASE share it! (But also add in the need to maximse storage space.....) LOL X

picklesmum said...

I too broke a glass today :( Pickle said I should be more careful. Wise and clever Pickle.

Ruby in Bury said...

You certainly did have a series of disasters ... and it looks like I'm not going to be able to taste your wonderful Christmas cake anyway, diet or not!!

Roll on Thursday - kids back to school YAAAAAAAY!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Baba - now the storage space is a hard one to crack, especially in a house with no built in hiss house builders!

Hi Picklesmum - there must have been something in the air...I wonder if anyone else broke a glass would be spooky. Please tell Pickle that I have too taken her advice for the future.

Hi Ruby - Yep yesterday morning was not a great start. As for the cake, it has now all gone, which is fantastic. Dorothy and her husband visited yesterday and helped us finish of the last piece that I had rescued. School's back today, hip hip hooray ;-D

Florries Mum said...

I hope Dorothy's husband had English clothing on-its a bit parky for the Scottish influence!
Bury Boy broke a glass the Saturday before Christmas. Does that count? We also found a mysterious two-foot high splash of port stain down the side of the fire-place which is resistant to all cleaning attempts-a nice reminder of a fab evening.

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL Florries mum. No Donald was dressed accordingly (and Donald...if you're reading, that name just came out of nowhere, but from herein you are now rechristened - you can get me next time)

I think Bury Boy's breaking of glass does count, no matter when it was. I managed three expensive Edinburgh Crystal ones over Christmas too. Very annoying as they were wedding presents. Upon the 3rd breakage, 21st C Dad said quite calmly, well at least it's a full place setting, rather than three of the same. I suppose there is a little common sense in that. ;-D