Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Christmas Vortex

(photo by Flickr's Michael Rugosi)

Hooray, I've escaped from the Christmas Time Vortex...where (thanks to the loss of routine).... every day for nearly a week I have lost any idea of what day of the week it was, let alone the date (with the exception of Christmas Day).

Suddenly I have emerged from the tinsel time warp with clarity. I am relieved that at last I know it is Sunday. It is the 30th December and tomorrow is New Year's Eve.
Phew...It feels like normality is gradually returning...

....despite now living with a 6ft tardis, which we found in our living room on Christmas Day

Some other peculiarity has also happened. I think there has been an official invasion of the Stepford Wives bodysnatchers....judging by the results of the home-made Christmas Cake, which was finally decorated on Christmas Eve, I seem to have been transformed into a domestic goddess...

Not only that, but the Christmas "Thank You" cards have already been written, decorated and ...wait for it....posted! Yes...Posted! Only my close friends and family will understand what a major project such a task is for me and is one that always need a project plan with progress reviews and timescales. Yet despite best intentions, 9 out of 10 times the "Thank You Card" project remains half-completed, suffering from last minute extensions before abandoning attempts completely. However the 2007 project is complete, which is probably thanks to having hardly left the house for days.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...and I look forward to you visiting in the New Year.