Friday, November 16, 2007

In need of a 21st Century Fairy Godmother


21st C Dad's in London.
21st C Kids are having too much fun.
21st C House is in a mess
and is covered in spotty stickers.


21st C Grandmother is arriving tomorrow.


If this 21st CM does not clear up
21st C Grandmother will sit on the spotty stickers
and end up with a spotty bottom.

What makes it worse is

21st C Mummy will be out working all day tomorrow...
...and has to get all the prep done tonight!

...when she'd rather be cosying in with a glass of wine.

and if that's not bad...

...21st C kids want to watch Pudsey Bear.

(at least it's a good cause)

But now, I am rethinking that wine!


21st Century Mummy said...

Is anyone else moved to tears when they hear "Any Dream will do" from the Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat"? Have just heard Lee Mead singing it at the start of Children in Need. Whenever I hear it I can't help a)bursting into song and b)feeling quite tearful. (no comments on my singing please).

I suppose it reminds me of my childhood and being fascinated by the coat of many colours.

Ruby in Bury said...

Hi 21stCM, have you picked up the stickers yet, or is 21st Century Grandmother still in danger of getting a spotty bottom?!!!

I escaped Pudsey Bear earlier, but now my daughter is home from the club she goes to on a Friday night, and is watching it. Have just seen a kids version of Dragon's Den, which wasn't too bad.

Do you know all the words to the Joseph musical? I do, hee hee. I used to have the LP and sing along with it!! (LOL at "LP")

We had no wine in the house tonight - very depressing for a Friday. I ended up drinking the St Edmunds beer which was quite unpleasant. It tasted of lavender.


grumpyoldwoman said...

I gave up on CIN - I have to say the presenting was cringe-worthy. Everyone seems to be trying too hard.

I DO have a nice bottle of pink wine which is lubricating the throat nicely.

didnt anyone tell you that you should never pick spots 21stc? ;-)

Baba said...

CIN passes us by too - love Tel but can't bear the Cotton woman....sorry 21st C Mummy but Lee Mead looks like a hobbit (Frodo?) and the Joseph thing makes me ROFL cos its cheesey! Nonetheless I have wine and peace (husband Baba playing Xbox 360 online).....have recorded the junior Dragons Den sowill watch that...LOL :)

Bury Boy said...

Agreed on CIN we have wine too! FM has now gone to bed now while I watch the remaining top 50 comic sketchs. more wine please

21st Century Mummy said...

It's sooo late. Have just packed all my stuff for tomorrow's tutoring in some crafty stuff at the college. So had to miss out on the wine despite suffering Pudsey.

Kids went to bed after 90 minutes of CIN. 21st C Dad's train was late, but he's just got in, so I am now off to bed.

Hi Ruby - I think that 21st C Grandmother's bottom is going to be okay (I had been tempted to replace bottom with knickers just because it rhymed with stickers, but I thought I'd better show some respect). Poor you CIN & lavender beer...hope the rest of the weekend is better ;-D

Hi Grumps - you're right...and I've taken your advice on picking spots, I've left some on the door. Hopefully they'll clear up on their own. Hope you've enjoyed the pink wine ;-)

Hey Baba - poor Lee Mead ...Frodo...a Just because he's got curly hair. I think I read somewhere that he was a backing singer\dancer in Geri Halliwell's "It's raining men" that was cheesy. Hope you've been enjoying your wine to and hello to Mr Baba ;o)

G'Day Bury Boy...FM gone to bed...don't blame her! Hope you're enjoying the sketches and of course the wine. With so much wine on the go in Bury, you'd all better make sure you don't disturb the peace (and now it's past 11pm - no laughing mind - not out loud anyway) ;-D

And on that note...I'm off to the land of nod, up the apples and pears to get some kip. I'll open the bottle tomorrow instead... night night

21st Century Mummy said...

BTW - LOL at the fact when I wrote the post I attached a photo of Tel, Fern and Pudsey and through the miracle of BBC online media, it's turned into the glamorous Kylie. Who knows who it will be in the morning. xx

Ruby in Bury said...

I wondered why you'd posted a pic of Kylie - and thought I didn't remember seeing it earlier. I was just thinking how nice she looked, LOL, and whether her face is glowy like that because of make-up or facials. Whatever it is, I want the same :-D

21st Century Mummy said...

Ha Ha - I think I'd like that look too. I've noticed Kylie is still there, so for anyone who hasn't noticed, the photo is NOT of Pudsey Bear ;-D

grumpyoldwoman said...

I cant believe Little Britain was top of tv comedy-whatsits. It should have been Morecombe and Wise!

21st Century Mummy said...

It should always be Morecombe and Wise ;-D