Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy in Bury St Edmunds

This week I have taken a gentle break from blogging. However, it hasn't been a quiet time. Instead I've been busy in Bury St Edmunds.


...ENJOYING AUTUMN favourite time of year.

...MAKING BREAD PUDDING, following a great wartime recipe from Marguerite Patten's "
Feeding the Nation" book. Quite timely on Remembrance Day.

It's a fabulous recipe and is so easy that a toddler can make it...

...and so tasty that a toddler and his brother wanted second helpings.

...PLAYING "MUMMY'S TOY SHOP" and TODDLER'S CAFE... with a very imaginative 3 year old who insisted on using real money.

at our local parent & toddler drama club.

(Image courtesy of Theatre Royal Website)

...ENJOYING NIGELLA'S COOKING. Not the real Nigella of course, but such a close match you can hardly tell the difference. Fab risotto and wonderful company!

...SETTING UP A WEBSITE/BLOG for a friend's business. Take a peek if you have time and let me know what you think...(and if you make a booking, let me know as I will get some commission).

...WRITING MATERIAL FOR A NEW PROJECT...more on that another time.

...ADMIRING ADAM CARTER IN SPOOKS... (now I admit to being a naughty mummy).

...CONVINCING 21st DAD to let me spend a lot of money on this wonderful print by Amanda Ross from the Crafts for Christmas exhibition at the Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery.

in Bury's eateries. This time, testing out The Lounge on Hatter Street, where access to its wi-fi service was free and easy, its lattes were smooth and its chilli paninis were tasty. (By the way, here's a big hello to the retired gentleman who wondered what I was doing and asked me to check out Greene King's share price).

...and last but not least...I've been busy enjoying the beautiful views offered by the Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens on a bright and sunny day.

I love being busy and it's easy being busy in Bury St Edmunds, as there's so much to do...

and...there's no better excuse for avoiding the housework.


florries mum said...

Adam Carter in Spooks, yummy, but do you understand what is going on? Mind you, falling asleep half way through probably didn't help-woke up to find him in bed with a nest of vipers.

Nigella said...

21st CM, ha ha. And like the real Nigella this one was to be found binging on the leftovers in PJ's when her lovely friends had departed ;-)
Bury is lovely at this time of year, isn't it, and we have the Charity Street Fayre and Victoran Markets to look forward to as well, which are always fun.

Baba said...

You're back ! YEY! Isn't Autumn the best !! We were in Snowdonia at the weekend - it was just divine!! Can you mae us some B&B pudding and send it up please.....x

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Florriesmum, I know what you are mean but I am trying to stick with it, but it seems to be very much along the lines of the Americans are trying to pull the wool over the British eyes by organising terrorist events in the name of Iran. But at least Adam is lovely ;-D

Ha Ha Nigella - LOL - in your PJs?! I love Bury at Autumn and Christmas time - it is so festive.

Hi Baba - hope you had a fab time...will send some pudding up as soon as I can manage - it will probably be a photo though :0)

grumpyoldwoman said...

Speaking of photos - the couple in the lounge dont look too happy - do you think she has asked him a question that he doesnt want to answer?

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Grumps - sorry about the delay in responding. I know what you mean...I wonder what the question was ;-D