Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone

So, I got on my broomstick yesterday and flew to Sainsburys...only to be met with major disappointment...everything for sale, except for the kitchen sink or pumpkins.

I had been warned, having read
Picklesmum's account about the lack of orange beauties this year.

Having left Sainsburys empty-handed, I sensibly rang Waitrose, to be told they only had 5 small ones left, but raising my hopes that they were expecting a delivery in the evening or this morning.

After a trek around some farm-shops and being met with only shakes of the head, I finally settled on a trip to Waitrose to search out a small pumpkin or two. The little pumpkins had all gone, but I was happy to see two large ones left, neatly packaged in boxes and being sold as a

Paint your own Pumpkin Kit

I looked at the price


I didn't want to paint my own pumpkin. I wanted to carve it. I didn't need the paints...I couldn't care about the box... I certainly didn't want to pay £7.49 but...

I needed a damn pumpkin.

So...I picked it up, paid, walked out, put it on the back of my broomstick and flew home!

I cut, scooped, carved.

I thought about the price.

£7.49, £7.49, £7.49

I was determined to get my money's worth.

So I cut some more, carving chunks this time.

I searched online for a recipe for pumpkin soup.

and found this

so made this

I fed it to the kids and the next thing that happened was this...

By now the kids looked quite the only thing for it was a party.

I decorated the house...the party was great fun...and the house looked good.


....wouldn't it have been great if it looked like this...

(This house can be seen just opposite the Woolpack in Fornham St Martin)

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Hope you've had a great time too!


grumpyoldwoman said...

That house belongs to my old friend Donna and her sons birthday is Halloween - hence every year her decos get more inventive. We usually park in the pub opposite late at night when the house is all lit up to get a really good look.

You should have got your pumpkin off the market last week - dont you just hate a know-all?

21st Century Mummy said...

Hee hee grumps. Please tell your friend Donna that I love her handywork. Every year, since I moved to Bury, we make it part of our Halloween traditions to drive past (several times) to gaze longingly. Haven't seen it at night yet. That's a must!

You're right about the pumpkin. Shame I wasn't in Bury last week. I did see one for a couple of pounds in a Farm Shop in Somerset and contemplated buying it but thought...naarrgh...travelling with a pumpkin from Somerset to Suffolk...that's ridiculous...Hindsight eh?! ;-D

Ruby in Bury said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween - and I'm glad you got your pumpkin in the end, even though it came at a price!

Love Grumps friend's house!

Bury Boy said...

Thats Donna and Laurie Potts house, and they have always put on a good show.

Ruby in Bury said...

Oo, Bury Boy and Grumps have friends in common. Not that that's so surprising in BSE :-D We'll have to do another blog meet soon so you can see if you know each other!

grumpyoldwoman said...

I have been wondering if perhaps bury boy and I know each other - his memories quite often include events I can relate to etc. Hopefully he is NOT an old boyfriend - oo er!

Nigella said...

I saw a house on Moreton Hall that actually looked very impressive too, complete with cobwebs, pumpkins and even a giant spider outside, the children loved it, especially when a real live witch opened the door (and no I hadn't been on the sherry from my extensive larder, it really happened!!!!)

Lovely to see so many people getting into the swing of things this Halloween, and especially wonderful that my doorbell ceased its continual ring before eight pm for the first Halloween since we moved here (well, I like to enjoy everything in moderation...) ;)

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Ruby - it is a great house isn't it. It really is worth a drive past.

Hi Bury have you been inside it? If so...spill the beans as I am intrigued.

Hi Grumps...I think Ruby is right...another blog meet up would be great. You could at least find out if you know Bury Boy.

Hi Nigella - that house sounds fantastic and with a real witch eh?! Are you sure it wasn't the sherry...Maybe it was the witch who had been on the bottle beforehand ;-D