Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Hello", I said...

"Hello", I said, smiling at Patrick who was sat on the sofa in the corner of the cafe.

...I received a glazed look.

"How are you doing?" I said.

"Me?", he asked, looking at me quite blankly.

There was no-one else in the cafe, except the man behind the counter.

"Yes you", I said, beginning to feel a bit weird.

" think I am Patrick", he laughed.

"Of course you are" I said, now feeling a bit odd.

"I'm not Patrick". He said, "I'm Pete".

"Stop Patrick". I said. "Stop having me on"

He looked like Patrick and had the same mannerisms as Patrick. This left me feeling really spooked out.

"No, seriously, I am Pete, Patrick's twin brother".



So there I was...talking to this man who I thought I knew, who by now, it seemed I actually didn't know at all. I didn't even know that Patrick had a twin brother. So was it a wind-up or was it for real? If it was a wind-up, I was beginning to look a bit silly (you see, I don't like being caught out). If it was real, I was definitely feeling like a real arse.

But one thing is for is a strange feeling talking to someone who looks exactly like someone you know, sounds like someone you know and has exactly the same mannerisms...but is a complete stranger.

As it turns was for real. It wasn't Patrick. It was his brother...yes, he does have a twin.

I've had verification...

I had to nip off to see my friend who would definitely know...

So Pete, it was lovely to meet you and sorry I took a bit of convincing.


PostalScoob said...

Yeah sorry about that! I should have prepared you for the possiblilty of receiving a glazed look (classic btw) from my zombified twin.
So I can clarify that indeed I do have a twin :)
Course I never knew he actually left the house - this is a knew and scary occurence -
Great post

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Postalscoob - am now quite glad that you hadn't prepared me. I can't believe how alike you are the first identical twins I have met...hmm...are you sure it wasn't you ;-D

PostalScoob said...

Pretty sure it wasn't :) though these days I cant be completely sure...Not that identical these days tho?

grumpyoldwoman said...

I have identical twin cousins and the only way I can tell them apart is that one wears a single stud ear-ring. When they are together they finish each others sentences and when they were small they used to have the same dreams - spooky eh?

21st Century Mummy said...

Hello again postalscoob...whether you're sure or not, just thought I'd let you know that after some "offline" (and by association Pete) are gaining a bit of a fan club ;-D

Hi amazing. I must say that I find stories like this intriguing. I think that twins are amazing. 21st C Dad's grandma is an identical twin. When I met her sister Alice, the only way that I could tell them apart was because she stooped a little, but apart from that they were very similar. Alice died about 5 years ago, which impacted on Grandma a great deal. I wonder what it must be like to be a twin...perhaps Postalscoob will share some anecdotes ;-)

PostalScoob said...

Hello again.
When me and my twin were younger we shared the same dreams, we also used to finish each others sentences - if my aunt is to be believed at one point we even had our own language?
However as we grew up - we grew apart - sometimes we still know what the other is thinking.
Also when I cut my arm open at university my brother knew something was wrong and rang my parents demanded to be taken to wales - so imagine my suprise when I get back to halls from hospital to find my dad waiting there!?!?
Anyway will I be seeing you at the halloween party I managed to dig out a costume (disguise) :).
Hmm offline discussions (with whom) a fanclub huh :D

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Postalscoob...that is amazing! Great costume by the way ;-D