Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The ones that got away

We have had a fabulous holiday at home and it has been as idyllic as portrayed in the series of postcards over the last couple of weeks. However, with so much to write about and so little time and space, some of the content just slipped away. I thought this would be a great place to pull together these "out-takes" before they get lost as time also slips away.

So important notes to self are:

1. Even when sunny, don't forget to pack cardigans to keep you warm when the sun goes down (and remember to take them from the car when going for a mile long walk/train ride). That way, you save time and money trying to hunt down immediate replacements in a limited range of charity shops in an attempt to save money!

2. Do not take your "Clear Your Clutter" book to the seaside and expect to find it again amongst the many bags of seaside related items packed into the car.

3. Try to leave the house before mid morning so that your first stop at your destination is not focused on finding somewhere to eat. (if you can't leave any earlier, make sure that you make the effort to pack some sandwiches).

4. Remember to roll up your trousers high enough if paddling in the sea (and don't turn your back on the waves)!

5. Try and position yourself more quickly between your eldest's back and the rock in your youngest's hand (and vice-versa if necessary).

6. If husband disappears for an hour leaving you alone on the beach, make sure you keep the suncream!

7. Keep a close eye on the map when taking the back-roads in Suffolk. You can save yourself 20 minutes on your journey time by going the right way.

8. Remember to get your hair cut at home. Hair salons discovered on the Norfolk Coast called "Short & Curlies" and "Curl up & Dye" do not sound appealing, even in an emergency!

9. Should you happen to need your fortune told whilst exploring the North Norfolk coast, remember there is a gypsy caravan with crystal ball in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere, somewhere along the road between Wells & Cromer.

10. Make sure you don't get caught behind this!


Erica Douglas said...

Great tips - glad you enjoyed your holiday.

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks Erica.