Monday, July 23, 2007

Clear your clutter

I bought this book about 4 months ago, enjoyed reading the first few chapters about the benefits of decluttering, then couldn't find it again. Ironically it had disappeared amongst the many things in my bedroom, which has become the clutter magnet capital of Moreton Hall...

...until today, when desperate to get our lives in order ready for the summer holidays, I embarked on a one-woman mission to outlaw all things unnecessary from the storeroom which used to be our bedroom and return it to its rightful position as a place of sanctuary.

It started with picking up everything that needed to be put in its rightful place and placing it on the bed, then I sorted out the top of the chest-of-drawers, which has become the usual dapping-down place for pieces of jewellery and odd receipts etc...

...piled the magazines away for recycling (and found the Clear Your Clutter book)
...moved the car boot stuff away from the wardrobe
...relocated some workthings away from the cupboard
...put all the laundered clothes away in the wardrobe and cupboard
...moved around a couple of pieces of furniture so that it looked more pleasing.
...hoovered and dusted

...and voila...4 hours later, the sanctuary had returned!

After today's efforts I now feel that I can wake up tomorrow with a clear head and the required energy to tackle the children's rooms, especially clearing out the older unwanted / incomplete toys.

I know I am not as bad as some at keeping on top of our "stuff", but I really want to get better at this and it has been a priority for me for a while not to accumulate so much clutter. It makes life quite draining and I am convinced it's the reason why I am not as effective as I would like to be. So I am on a mission to bring order to the chaos. I've already made a lot of effort in forming pacts with friends that we don't buy presents for each other's children, which will make life easier in years to come.

Since finishing off the bedroom today, I've been looking forward to 21st C Dad coming home so he could be amazed at the results.

He's just got back and was pretty impressed (or should I say astonished) when he opened the bedroom door.

Problem was...the impact was less effective when he tried to get into the ensuite....only to find that it was the official holding bay for the junk that I'd moved from the bedroom!

Ooops, hadn't quite managed to get it all over to the garage in time. One step at a time eh?


picklesmum said...

Ha ha. Loving your way of moving everything to the bathroom!! We shove everything into the garage or downstairs loo( which HAS no loo as picklesdad removed it several months ago and HAS NOT REPLACED IT YET.GRRRRR!)

Ruby in Bury said...

All our clutter used to be in the basement, but is now all around the house, for some reason as over the last year, every room seems to have transformed itself into a junk room!

I LOVE that your book about de-cluttering was lost under the clutter!!!!!! :-D

a.n.other said...

I have recently given up work, after 9 years of full time employment.I thought I would become the perfect housewife, restoring order and removing clutter ....who was I kidding....several charity bags and full wheelie bins later, I still feel as if I am surrounded by 'stuff'.
When I was out of the house for 10 hours a day,5 days a week, I was happy and content to have the basics done, relativly clean and tidy home, clean clothes each day and a decent meal in the evening, but now I have rediscovered dust, cobwebs,weeds, and shirts that need buttons sewing on etc.
I think I need to find another job, working is the best reason I know for not having to be too houseproud!

21stCenturyMom said...

Greetings from your virtual twin from across the pond. I also fight clutter and often lose.

Cruella sent me.

Paul said...

Know what you mean ANO. Its a bit like people who don't go out to work having more time to fret about the problems around them, whether litter, noisy neighbours, or whatever.

Nigella said...

ANO - what you say is so true. I used to have a two hour commute when I worked (pre-munchkins), would come home and run the hoover and flick the duster round once a week. Now I am a ful time Mummy, it is sometimes almost as if I have to justify being at home by having the house in a state of permanant cleanliness!! I also can't stand ironing building up - ggrrrhhhh ;)

Motheratlarge said...

I could do with reading this book. Like you, I fight clutter - but unfortunately with mixed results. Your posting will spur me on to try harder. The charity shops of Edinburgh will surely benefit.

a.n.other said...

Good to know that other people agree with how I feel.
The other thing that irritates me is when other half 'phones up during the day to ask 'how are you getting on', in other words, 'what ae you doing at home to justify the fact that your not working and earning money?
As I have always done at least 90% of everything in our home, I never feel I have to answer that question! Actually, I dont mind him asking, he earns his bit x100.
Such is life!

21st Century Mummy said...

Finally having released myself from the clutter, it's so good to know that it is not just me ;-) so need your loo back. I suggest moving everything out of the loo to Picklesdad's favourite spot in the house...hee hee...see what happens....

Ruby...perhaps you now need an extension or a conservatory to help with the distribution ;-)

a.n.other...I know what you mean. When I worked before kids, okay it got a bit untidy sometimes but NOT EVERYDAY BY 10AM. I think my friend Dorothy has the solution..I am convinced Dorothy is mostly out of the house for most of the day, taking her little one to visit others. Her place is always the height of perfection and you can rarely track her down at home (isn't that right Dorothy?) ;-)

21st C Mommy...welcome to my blog. Yippee I have a stateside partner in crime...I've just nipped over to your blog and am full of admiration of your work. Now we've found each other (thanks to Cruella), I'll keep dropping by.

Paul...can't help myself...are you talking about the proposed rave? Hee Hee ;-D have the drive and the inclination that makes it look so easy and for that you are my hero.

Mother at Large...thanks for dropping in again all the way from Scotland...the book really is a great read and also ventures into the depths of decluttering your handbag. I also love the Mental Decluttering chapter which recommends that we Stop Worrying, Criticising and Judging, Gossiping, Moaning and Complaining, Mental Chatter etc. My brain is in real need of a mental declutter. If you or anyone is interested the ISBN is 0-7499-1824-1

BTW ~ not much progress on moving my stuff to the garage. 21st C Dad emphasised that he needed to clear the garage to fit it in --- hilarious! So most of it is now sitting in my car (as garage is around the back of the house) awaiting delivery... :-(