Tuesday, July 24, 2007

22 lengths and only another 95 to go...

...until I've completed my first mile in the pool!
I feel great today. For the first time in two years I went to the swimming pool! Having gulped at the thought of being the same dress size when I reach my 40th birthday next year, I signed up to our local Health Club in celebration of my 39th birthday. I don't think it will be a hardship really, as it is a lovely pool, set in beautiful surroundings.

So last Friday, I embarked on my first visit as a member. I suppose I felt a bit of a fraud really as the only purpose for my visit was to take my friend Norma for a cafe latte in the bar. However, at the same time it could viewed as a familiarisation session, especially for my youngest boy, who kept running up to the window of the swimming pool, distracting the ladies from their aqua-aerobics session.

Today was the official launch of the 21st Century Mummy into the Moreton Hall waters. I kicked myself out of bed at 7.20am, stumbled out of the house to head off to the health club. Being a bit of a prude, there was a huge sense of relief that there was no-one else in changing room. I quickly changed into my brand new swimming costume and ventured forth into the pool, which wasn't too busy at that time of day.

...and it was great!

I managed to reach 22 lengths in no time and would have stayed until I'd reached 30, if it wasn't for having to master the necessary manoeuvres of ducking and diving around the extra people that had arrived for the swimming rush hour. (Hmm, maybe I'll get there a bit earlier tomorrow).

After getting re-clothed, it was refreshing to stop at the bar for a cup of tea and to give myself a pat on the back, before heading back home.

For those who appreciate my personal challenge, take a trip over to the website of the real swim meister, i.e.our local councillor, Hoffy's very successful attempt at swimming the channel to France to raise money for a very worthy cause, our local Hospice. My 22 lengths were literally a drop in the ocean compared to Hoffy's. I think I will spread my challenge out over the 6 weeks of the school holidays, in the comfort of the warm waters of Moreton Hall Health Club before I visit France (by ferry) in August.

(Copyright of photograph belongs to Moreton Hall Health Club)


grumpyoldwoman said...

Wow - how strange, I too went swimming today but the pool I was in is shorter than the MH one and I had to do 56 lengths to swim my half mile - going again tomorrow - had forgotten how good it made me feel - but going to have a sauna first this time, and then a haircut. I hate swimming around other people - thats why i gave up going to the leisure centre pool. Full length mirror in the changing rooms gave me quite a fright when i was drying myself too LOL

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi grumps ~ it is an experience isn't it! Sorry to say I let the side down today, as we were off to the seaside so wanted to make an early start...as it turned out, by the time we got our stuff together we didn't head off until 10.30am. Will be off to the pool again tomorrow though ;-D

Paul said...

Oh dear. I'm going o be picky again 21CM. Sorry, but PH is not "your local councillor".

I won't ask you if you know who your town, borough and county council representatives are in case you don't know. (Awkward for them not you!)

21st Century Mummy said...

Mr F ... now you are being verrrry picky...okay Hoffy is not our local councillor for Moreton Hall. However, also being a resident of the wider Bury St Edmunds, where I spend a lot of my time (and not picky about wards) Hoffy is our local councillor who has swum the channel.

Indeed Frank Warby is the County Councillor and represents Moreton Hall in the borough along with Terry Buckle, Trevor Beckwith. I know them and they know me (but not virtually) and they've all been helpful when needed but have not swum the channel (although I suppose I could ask and see what they say).

Hoffy said...

Hi 21CM - Just browsing through your site and came across this blog (sorry I didn't notice it before!).

Firstly, very well done on the swim. All I ever do when I start from scratch (which I have done many times over the years) is to add two more lengths each time I get in the pool. It's a little goal and I find it works very well for me. If you look at my Channel Swim training diary on www.HoffysChannelSwim.org.uk you will see that in August 2006 I started with 30 lengths, and ended up with a 30 mile swim across the channel! Just take it in little steps and you will be amazed at the progress you will make.

On the local councillor bit, I'm with you. I know you meant "Local" as in "Bury". PF can be a bit pedantic on these matters I'm afraid! It would be nice if he actually said "well done" or something. So far not even a word about it, let alone sponsorship. You will be interested to know also that Frank Warby, even though he said he would sponsor me in the EADT and The Mercury "if asked" has not sponsored me, even though I have asked him twice. That's politics I'm afraid!

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks for the support Hoffy. I've still got a few more lengths to go before I make the mile (I've hardly been around) so I don't think I'll be attempting the channel in this lifetime.