Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holidaying in Suffolk

Yes...we are now officially on holiday! 21st C Dad has taken a couple of weeks off work. We've packed our bags, bundled the kids in the car and driven off to one of our favourite seaside destinations. We've already breathed in the sea air, splashed in the water, enjoyed ice-creams, gone crabbing and indulged in the must-have platter of fish-and-chips, albeit in the lovely restaurant of a posh hotel on the coast, where we've also had chance to relax and get some of the holiday games out!

But I'm not writing this post from a hotel room, or its lounge, indeed not even a wi-fi hotspot. I'm in fact updating from the living room of the most perfect holiday accommodation we could find for our family of four. It comes with a beautiful family garden, a set of bikes for us to use, not too far away from the coast and is accessible to the historic city of Cambridge as well as the rolling landscape of Constable country. It also comes with membership of a local health club where there are activities for children and a creche that we can use, if we want to take time-out in the pool on our own to enjoy the freedom of being a couple for once in a while.

If it all sounds's because it is...for us anyway. It's a place that we visit regularly, so regularly in fact we feel very much at home. We can call it home because it is home. Indeed, I am writing from my own desk, in the corner of our living room in Bury St Edmunds where we have decided to spend our holiday staying put and enjoying the delights on our very own doorstep.

Yesterday we visited Walberswick and Aldeburgh on the Suffolk Coast and mixed bucket & spade activities with fine-dining. Today, we're going to indulge ourselves with a coffee in historic Bury St Edmunds followed by an excursion to the beautiful city of Cambridge. We're also planning a visit to the Norfolk coastline as well as a couple of museum trips in London.

Of course, there will be a few more visits to the seaside, interspersed with more low-key activities nearer home, before we spend the rest of the summer holidays indulging in relaxing time with friends.

If you don't hear from me for a day or two, you know I am just enjoying myself having fun with the family.

So summer holidays here we come..."bon vacances everyone".


Baba said...

Hi 21st Century Family! Hope you all enjoy a well deserved relaxing time together - sounds like you have some fab things planned and you are in just one of the loveliest regions to maximise the experience! LOL The Babas x
p.s. will miss you loads if you don't manage to blog whilst on hols.......

21st Century Mummy said...

Hello Babas - thanks for the message. We are having a wonderful time. BTW - thanks for the fab book, it's great ;-)