Friday, August 31, 2007

In praise of nice...

Isn't this little piece of automata nice? If you wind the handle a couple of times the little tortoises kiss each other. I bought it at the very nice Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, in a nice sale that they had earlier this year. I thought it would be a nice present for my very nice husband. It was all very nice.

I like to think that I am a nice person: the teachers at school always used to say I was (yet my mother always thought they were talking about a different child). I like to do nice things for other nice people, but there is a side of me that smiles nicely when not so nice things occur in the path of the not so nice people (call it nice karma). But on the whole, I enjoy being nice as somehow it attracts lots of nice things without trying too hard (that's really nice karma).

All these ramblings bring me nicely onto an award that I received this week from the very nice Ingenious Rose. It's the nice matters award in recognition of the importance of being nice. So thanks Ingenious Rose for thinking about me in such a nice way and giving me a nice excuse to use a word that I normally replace with nicer alternatives.

I humbly accept the award and would now like to pass the award onto some other nice people, namely:

Ruby of Living in Bury St Edmunds, for being nice
Bury Blue of Running in Suffolk for his very nice photos
The very nice Annie Hafermann of Creating the Good Life where she displays her very nice work
Paula of Happy Tracks in the Snow, for being nice to the environment
and last but not least, Picklesmum, for monitoring the not so nice comments and nicely sending people to the naughty step, where necessary. Nicely done Picklesmum.

Some other nice things to know:

  • The Nice Matters award started here
  • If you need to know how to handle things nicely look here
  • If you need extra advice on the benefits of being nice, take a look at Alasdair's excellent post at Man About The House here.

Oh, I nearly forgot.....Have a nice day now....(hee hee).

(Don't worry...Normal service will resume tomorrow)


Jo Beaufoix said...

Very Nice.
Love the tortoises.

CamiKaos said...

what cute little tortoises.

and congrats, you do seem very nice.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Nice one!

picklesmum said...

T'is nice to be nice!

21st Century Mummy said...

Jo - I just love seeing your Ostrich photo on my blog comments...she's very nice too.

Camikaos - thanks for popping by - it's so nice to see you and I'm really enjoying your blog.

Councillor Paul Farmer - thanks for visiting in your official capacity. I was thinking more about France today and the "nice" way they present their meals. I'm hoping to post on that subject another time.

Picklesmum - Nicely said. And I am so pleased we've not had any naughty step moments recently, as they're not very nice :-)

Thank you all for your nice comments :-D

Nice Alasdair said...

I think it's all been said really, nice one ;)

Thanks for the linkback, that was nice :)

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Nice Alasdair....awwww...that's nice too.

buryblue said...

Thank you very much for my award 21st Century Mum -your blog name reminds me a bit of that great Marc Bolan song.

I can't remember the last time I have received an award probably back in school!

Now if only Bury St Edmunds held its first official annual blogging meeting then wouldn't this be a great opportunity for lots of nice awards and to encourage others get BFP and others involved?! A thought.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi I think you might have something there...maybe we should get in touch with the BFP and organise such an event...I'd say, give it a year and Bury St Edmunds will definitely be ready...ooh I always love a new plan and new ambitions. I can just picture it now!

Enjoy the award...I am sure there will be plenty more ;-D

IngeniousRose said...

Congratulations on being nice enough to receive a nice award from a nice person (oh that was me!). I'm off to check out the other nice people you have awarded. We are spreading the niceness well!

Gorgeous tortoises!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Ingeniousrose - thanks for the nomination it was really nice. My nominees are also nice as well.