Thursday, August 30, 2007

In praise of my cooking...

As I came into the living room to ask whether he wanted cheese with his beans on toast, the reply from my eldest was,

"Mummy, shouldn't you stay in the kitchen just in case the smoke alarm goes off!"

I suppose he does have a point. Just in case you missed it, click here!


Paul said...

Much enjoyed your histoires de vacances.

Sorry I'm too lazy to comment on each, but I was very interested in the Normandy bit, liking it so much myself. I looked up Gisors on a google map and see that it is in the far North-East of the region, nicely away from anywhere too large but important enough to be where several routes meet.

One important difference between the Normandy you and I know is the kissing. Four is by no means unknown in Calvados, but three is more common. Our middle class friends tend to stick to two, but sometimes say et trois.

Good tip re the Dartford toll.

Now go back to the toast - something pretty much unheard of in France.

21st Century Mummy said...

Paul - I think you've summed Gisor's location up quite nicely...I can add that it's also near enough to Paris to be accessible by train, but far enough for the journey to have a slight inconvenience about it...24 stations with a stop nearly every three minutes.

The kissing bit is also a bit of an issue over in the UK as well, with either none, one, or a peck on each cheek, again depending on class and also familiarity. Somehow, I seem to know where I am when meeting up with people in Gisors.

On the subject of toast, I'd not thought about that...but come to think of it of course, I've never seen toast chez Leroy. On a similar note, what always makes me smile in a heart-warming manner though is the amount of bread that is served and the way in which the French just place it on the table next to the plate...that's taken a bit of getting used to over the years ;-D

Ruby in Bury said...

I like your toast photo!