Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mummy's 21 Again

That time of year has rushed around again. Yes it's mummy's birthday today...and as my own mother always used to say... I am 21 again! It was always confusing for me as a small child learning to count, to find out my mum never got older than 21. Yet she was already 22 when I was born.

Today's birthday is rather special, not because it is has a "big 0" in the number, but because it is the penultimate one before I hit the "big 0".

Yes, next year I will be turning 40. Consequently, today feels more like a time for new year's resolutions than a birthday, as I consider all those things that I must cram into the final year of my thirties.

I know it's only a number and I am not particularly bothered by age itself, but psychologically and physiologically there are things that I would like to do before I venture into unchartered territory (on that note ~ did you know that Age Concern's services are offered to people aged 50 and upwards ~ for me that is now only 11 years away ;-D ).

Top of the wish list is to drop a dress size before I'm 40, after all I've heard the rumour that gravity has a greater pull the older you I'm off to join our local health club today! A health club sounds so much nicer than a gym doesn't it! If I make the most of the relaxed nature of the summer holidays and go swimming each morning, that should help make a big difference! Besides, they have lots of fun activities over the summer holidays for children, so the kids will benefit too!

Next on the list is to increase my culinary repertoire for the benefit of the whole family. I used to cook far more before I had children and I desperately want to raise that part of me back from the dead before it becomes a complete impossibility! These days we have a healthy diet of mainly uncooked vegetables, but it's not very adventurous and you never get that lovely Winter Warming feeling with cold carrots, peppers and cherry tomatoes. I will also endeavour to get the whole family to spend more time together at mealtimes. We manage it at weekends, but even though the weekdays are challenging, we must do better.

All I hope is that the first two goals don't disagree with each other that I don't end up a dress size larger this time next year!

P.S. I forgot about the birthday bunting. I may just finish my own hand-made bunting by next year if life isn't too short!


Ruby in Bury said...

Happy Birthday tooo yooou!

39 is a special one somehow - last year of your 30s left. I wore a badge saying "39 today" on mine, LOL.

Is that the Moreton Hall Health Club you're going to join? I keep fancying that. I like their power plate! Free activities for kids in the school hols too (except the summer ones - you pay for that).

a.n.other said...

Happy Birthday!
39 is a great age to be, but then so is 40, however you won't appreciate it untill your 50, and then a few years after that 50 will seem amazingly young....I won't go on.
Have a great day and don't worry about it....just make the most of it.

Nigella said...

Happy birthday! I will join you in two of your goals and can recommend a nice cool glass of Chablis to celebrate embarking on them!!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

a.n.o. has said what I was going to say, only better.

As Mrs F says, you're only as old as the man you feel.

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely messages. I had a fab birthday with lots of treats and well-wishes from loads of people.

Ruby ~ yes it is the Moreton Hall Health Club, I've joined. Looks like I will be down there at 7am each morning instead of blogging. Not sure about the Power Plate...that sounds scary (or is it their house special that they serve in the bar?)

a.n.other ~ age is great isn't it. I am always amazed how young 40 years are these days compared to how 40 year olds were 30 years ago ;-D. In the 70s 40 year olds were positively middle aged....or is it just my perception ???

Nigella ~ will be glad of the support and I know we can help each other, even if it is holding each other up as we hobble home from the pool or pub. I definitely took your advice on the wine yesterday, no Chablis though, just cheap plonk at the Moreton Hall pub, topped up with some champagne when I got home.

Paul ~ I know what Mrs means...He's actually 38, so maybe that means that I won't really hit 40 until another 2 years time...yippee a reprieve! :-D