Thursday, July 19, 2007

21st Century Birthdays

Aren't birthdays in the 21st Century so much fun! I had such a lovely day yesterday, with well-wishers sending birthday cards, ringing up and dropping off presents on my doorstep. I received a lot of text messages, emails, some comments on my blog and messages on my Facebook account (so thanks to everyone for making my birthday very special). The Facebook phenomenon is in particular very new to me and despite being familiar with email and blogging, I am still trying to get used to the social effects of this relatively new technology.

There are just so many methods of communication and gifting in the 21st Century, it is amazing. Even the other week, my 3 year old received an Amazon e-voucher (by email) from one of his aunts.

Yesterday, the icing on the virtual cake (please excuse the pun) was when my sister and her husband, who live "en Suisse", phoned in the evening to sing "happy birthday". Using Skype and our webcam connection meant that they were virtually in our living room. It was great, I was able to bore them silly by showing off some of the lovely presents that I had received.

However one "traditional" item that was noticeably missing from yesterday's range of presents was music, a gift that would be typically packaged in the format of a CD. However, my regular Napster subscription now makes such an item redundant in my little 21st C world.

On the subject of presents, I was spoilt by 21st C Dad with lots of lovely gifts, (nothing virtual here). The best present of all was the fact that he'd framed a watercolour that I'd painted in a beginners art class (which I'd attended a few years ago). I had left it hidden under a pile of junk ever since. But three years later here it is, all beautifully framed up (thanks 21st C D).

As for the 21st C kids, they treated me to a fantastic rendition of "happy birthday" in a very excitable manner, then squabbled over the birthday cake. Come on boys, fighting over the biggest piece of cake is "so last century", even if you are under 6!

Perhaps they did me a big favour though, because if I had been offered the biggest slice, that would mean extra visits to the health club that I joined yesterday...and I mean real physical visits...for once my virtual online world is of no use here!


IngeniousRose said...

Blimey! You did that painting in a beginners art class? It's pretty impressive. Happy belated birthday by the way. Your award looks very impressive on your site I might add.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

You make me feel very guilty, as we make little of our birthdays (maybe its an age thing!). Mrs F's looms large and I have done nothing. She is not impressed that I have meetings from 3-7 that day!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi IngeniousRose - thanks for your lovely comments. I must say that the reason why the painting was so effective is that the workshop tutor was so good at explaining the techniques. He was amazing! I love the way the RB award looks too...thank you for your nomination ;-D

Paul...poor Mrs need to get cracking! In recent years my birthdays seem to have been overshadowed by our little ones, but all the little lovely gestures that I experienced on Wednesday highlighted how they can still be special! So, we'll be watching your blog for reports on your efforts. Remember there's lots you can do before 3 o'clock and after 7. ;-D

Nigella said...

Paul, as 21st CM's appointed goddess of all things domestic/family (romance included) may I suggest a simple breakfast in bed for Mrs F - croissants and orange juice are usually a winner, accompanied by a gift voucher for some self indulgence - the Floatation Centre on Guildhall St is fantastic, even Mr N enjoyed his Fathers Day treat there, or Clarice House vouchers always appreciated - then you can shoot off, guilt free for your meetings, returning with a bottle of something suitable for you both to enjoy, and perhaps some flowers. As 21st CM points out, the best birthdays are the ones where the gestures dont stop at 9am ;)

21st CM - don't be modest, some of us know how creative and artistic you really are :)

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thanks for the floatation tip Nigella. Mrs F would faint if I did anything like that.

21st Century Mummy said...

Nigella - thanks for the suggestions and for the vote of confidence. My next creative project is painting the kids' picnic table using a camouflage design.

Paul - we will be awaiting a full account of Mrs F's birthday treats. I will now do a plug for my favourite shops: The Art Gallery gift shop (of course she was looking at some of the jewellery at the last preview), Tickety Boo, or a selection of crafty items from Your Touch of Craft. Happy Shopping ;-D