Friday, July 20, 2007

Back to school already!

I had to suffer our local supermarket yesterday. I don't particularly like supermarkets (especially those of a larger square footage that sell stuff which is superfluous to their core purpose - it's like "DO I REALLY WANT TO BUY A TV WHILE I AM DOING MY WEEKLY SHOP?" aaaargh rant! )

Sorry, this isn't a really a rant about supermarkets, no matter what their size and at the risk of sounding hypocritical I am (slightly) grateful that this one has a dry-cleaning concession, which was the reason for yesterday's visit , otherwise I avoid it like the plague.! (Apologies to 21st C Dad that my down-beat attitude about our local "money swallowing vortex" has meant that his suit had been abandoned at the dry cleaners for 3 weeks)'s rant is about a subject that bugged me as a child, yes a topic which had completely disappeared to the rarely accessed part of my mind...until...

I was leaving the said supermarket yesterday afternoon, with 21st C Dad's nicely dry-cleaned suit and some chocolates for the lovely admin staff at my little boy's school... and there it was...the sign...


For #£$"'s Sake it is only July! Please let us enjoy the final days of my 5 year old's first year of school, before I have to even start thinking about next year!


I never had the opportunity to plead to school uniform retailers as a child, after all I was only kid, under 5' tall, growing up in a time where generally children should be seen and not heard...

...So to all the shops that sell school uniform, school shoes and stationery...please, please, please...can you let the kids of today and their parents enjoy the beginning of the school holidays, for at least a couple of weeks without blatantly pushing your back to school range!

Please understand...we know you sell school don't need to tell us in July!

...especially as kids have a whole six weeks to grow before they eventually go back to school!

Okay, with that big rant off my chest, I can embark on enjoying a momentous occasion, the last day of term and the last day of my little one's first year of school! It's been a great year, he's had so much fun, has made lots of new friends and has learned loads! At the end of his first school year, he's learned to read so well that even he can read the signs that say "Back to school". Next time, we're in the vicinity, I'll ask him what he thinks!


Nigella said...

You make me laugh 21stCM, in fact I was in said store yesterday, ranting at Mr N about same thing! Incredible isn't it? My princess munchkin has now finally got to throw away the school shoes that have pinching her feet for the past month that I didnt replace as she will grow at least a size between now and Sep. I dread the torture of Dudley Masons in the last weeks of August, but it is a necessary evil I am afraid.....

As for the Christmas cards which will appear on the shelves as we wave goodbye to the munchkins on the 3rd September, don't even get me started......

a.n.other said...

I really do agree with you!
Even as a child I hated seeing those back to school advertisements in the middle of the holidays, and now, as you point out, they have started even before the kids break up.
It's pathetic...The fact is kids can grow during the six week holiday,so why would you want to buy a month and a half before you need to?
The shops do the same with many things, Easter, Christmas etc. For example..
Why on earth do we now have Hot Cross Buns all year around? They are no longer something special to have at Easter.
All of these special times are a bit spoilt because we are fed up with it all long before the event arrives!In thier blind panic to make as much money as possible, shops are taking all the magic out of these occasions
Sorry to be a whinge, but I do feel quite strongly about this, not that big business would ever take the slightest bit of notice of what the consumer really thinks!

Nigella said...

a.n.other - I have a friend who buys and wraps presents for the following Christmas in the January sales. I swear to God, her cards are all written and STAMPED and in the loft as we speak. Wheres the fun?! Although a very organised person, I love the frenzy of doing it all in December, somehow it lacks the fun preplanning by more than a few weeks.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I love to read all you grumpies. I thought I was in the minority in not liking Christmas at Easter etc.

Just remembered Nigella that Mrs F hates swimming - what would she think of floating?

21CM - why do I always have to type in a second word verification for you or Ruby?

Ruby in Bury said...

I agree too!! Very good point! For a disorganised person like me, I hate the way shops stock stuff early. Right now, or in about 2 weeks time maybe, I'll want to be going out and buying summer holiday clothes and new swimsuits etc. But since the sales on all those things are on now, there won't be any left in a couple of weeks. Mid August will bring shop fulls of autumn wear.

Nigella said...

Paul, it would depend on how she feels about water, its basically a warm bath of water and Epsom Salts that you lay back and float in - extremely relaxing (unless you dont like water), they say 30 mins relaxation in there is worth 4 hours sleep. If you are not sure, Clarice House do vouchers which she could use for whichever treatment she wanted.

Ruby - I know! I wanted to buy swimming trunks for my baby munchkin this week and had to trawl through the shops for ages as they are already stocking autumn stuff in most places.

21st Century Mummy said...

Nigella - I really can's stand the Christmas cards in September thing. Christmas doesn't start for me until after bonfire night!

a.n.other - I know what you mean about Hot Crossed Buns, seeing them after Easter turns me into a Hot Cross Mum! ;-(

Paul - maybe we should set up a blog for grumpy old women and invite the Ruby's grumpyoldwoman to moderate for us ;-)

I've got no idea about the double word verification, perhaps Ruby has some ideas. It happens to me on Ruby's blog too.

I have another idea for Mrs F's birthday though, perhaps you could set up a blog for her as a birthday pressie ;-D

Ruby - did you know that the supermarket in question is already selling their autumn range .... aaarghhh