Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Help, I am stuck in Act on CO2 Calculator Hell

If you never hear from me again, it will because I have become trapped in the Bermuda Triangle that is the government's new Act on CO2 Calculator, which was launched by David Milliband today.

While I still have my wits about me, after waiting for it to work out my carbon footprint for a whole hour, I just thought I would try and instill some sanity in the insanity that I am beginning to experience and attempt to get onto my blog.

If you have not yet been tempted to use the calculator, my advice is doooooooooonnnnn't do it (certainly until the novelty has gone)! Otherwise, you will be presented with one question (sometimes two) per page, with the option to click "Next", after which the calculator seems to fall asleep for a few minutes until it presents the next question.

I'm now falling asleep with it, having lost the will to stay awake. I started off really caring about my carbon footprint. After 80 minutes of online entrapment, I think I am now losing the will to live, let alone worry about the carbon footprint that I will leave behind.

...ollocks..the system has just crashed and is now telling me...

"Thank you for coming to see the Act on CO2 calculator. The calculator is proving extremely popular at the moment, so please come back shortly to calculate your carbon footprint and find out how to help tackle climate change."

pleasssse no...never again in this lifetime.

However, if you are still tempted...Here's the link:

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