Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I like to make other mums feel better

I sometimes think that my purpose in life is to make other mothers feel better about themselves and I do that very well. Yes, I really do.

Today was one of those charitable days...the kind of day where I teetered on the edge of thinking going back to work would be easier. Stuffed full of cold, feeling really crap and wishing my own mummy could come and look after me, I was not really best placed for being the parent today and battling against the determination of youth. At least employees can have a day off sick, under such circumstances.

No such thing for me today!

Bombarded by an opportunist toddler, I found myself easily agreeing with his requests, "Yes you can have another biscuit", "Some more TV? OK", "Yes Yes Yes", to what I would normally think "not on your nelly"....

.......just for the quiet life!

Things really began to deteriorate after-school with the arrival of my eldest, pleading
"Can we do some painting mummy?"

"Yes, Yes, Yes"

What a momentary lapse of reason, especially when you're outnumbered!


grumpyoldwoman said...

You are allowed to be less than perfect every now and then - and your kids will remember this as a perfect day in their childhood - so cut yourself some slack and realise that you are a great Mum.

and then brace yourself to clear up the mess!!!!

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks grumps. I can laugh about it today, but oh the mess. It took me about an hour to clean up the dining room. The paint just kept spreading everywhere...and you should have seen the bath ;-)
I've got an excellent photo of the kids in a bath of purple water. Great stuff for the family album.

Fortunately, my hubby arrived home early, found me in tears holding a bottle of Ecover and a sponge. When I said I was in the middle of cleaning the bath, he said "yes, I suppose that would drive you to tears" (just thinking it was an ordinary day). Then he saw it for himself, white bath now turned a distinct shade of pink!

All better now though! ;-)

Ruby in Bury said...

You poor thing :-( Glad it's all better now, and one to look back on and laugh at a later date ... maybe much later ;-)

On a more Bury St Edmundsy note, I hear you met Paul Farmer in the churchyard earlier (not an arranged meeting I hasten to add, in case 21stC Dad is worried, LOL, but a chance one!!).

Hope today was a lot better than yesterday!


21st Century Mummy said...

Yes, I did bump into Mr.F on his bike in the churchyard. Aptly introduced myself as 21st Century Mummy. As I wandered off, I thought, how bizarre ~ I never did mention my name. Mr F must have cycled off quite bemused.

Anyway ~ today was much better than yesterday thank you. Seem to be almost over my contagious illness am no longer feeling the leper that I have been over the last few days. All just in time to spend a lovely day mixing business with pleasure followed by an inspiring event at the Athenaeum.