Saturday, June 23, 2007

21st Century Mummy leaves Suffolk

I ventured out of Suffolk today...all on my own no less!

It doesn't happen very often. It's always an occasion if I go anywhere outside of Bury St Edmunds, let alone Suffolk. However, it was only for a few hours and I have already come back and have recovered from the "jet lag".

The destination was Nooorrfuk, which, a few years ago, rebranded itself as Nelson's County. Hence the lovely picture of Horatio Nelson, who was born in Burnham Thorpe in 1758. (Horatio, eh? Now that's a name worth bringing back in the 21st Century).

The last time I travelled off on my own, out of Suffolk, was about...(bl@@dy hell!)...err 3 years ago. It seems that I am caught in the vortex that is Bury St Edmunds and I only venture out on family excursions. A far cry from my professional life, when I spent most of my life on the M1 between Nottingham and London.

So it was with much pleasure that I had the opportunity to run a workshop over in Wymondham (pronounced Wyndum) for some lovely folk from Norfolk. I even got a chance to use 5th gear on a dual carriageway, the A11 no less.

I know how to live, don't I?!


Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Hi 21CM. I've only just found your site and am mega impressed. You and Ruby are so clever and such technophiles (?). I have just managed to fit a counter to my blog and am very pleased with myself, but that must be neanderthal to you two!

Keep up the good work.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Paul. Thanks for the visit and the comments. I love technology, having spent many years helping librarians set up multi-media library management systems. My last years in the big wide world before turning to parent-hood were spent researching Digital Rights Management for the music & publishing industries.

So it should be no surprise that THE Bury blogger and I have got plans to help blogging wannabees. Keep watching this the meantime, if you need help with the gadgets or widgets (i.e. the bells & whistles)drop us a line

P.S. Am enjoying your stories of France