Saturday, May 26, 2007

Toilet Talk

It's time for potty training. 1 Toddler, almost three years old. Target: 0 nappies in 7 goes...

Saturday - Day 1: Two pairs of wet pants...oh oh and one poo! Keep smiling.
Sunday - Day 2: One pair of wet pants, ventured into town with baited breath - lucky. Phew!
Monday - Day 3: Completely accident free...yee ahh! Oh no, spoke too soon...a pair of dirty pants!
Tuesday - Day 4: Absolutely accident doubt about it!
Wednesday - Day 5: Oh oh...another pair of dirty pants...still smiling ;-)
Thursday - Day 6: Nothing wet or dirty - we even braved a family visit into town (with a Portable Potty for emergencies). Potty was used - but there was nowhere to put a bag of wee ~ ended up bringing it home ;-0
Friday - Day 7: No accidents.............phew.........!

That's one toddler who's now potty trained and only needs one pair of nappy pants per day to see him through the night. Thanks to stickers and aero balls ;-)

Oops...didn't mention Saturday (Day 8). He's now so accomplished at the point & go method, I caught him pulling his pants up yesterday in a corner of the garden. Apparently, he got a taste for weeing in the open air during a visit to field yesterday. Oh, lessons learned ;-)