Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Post Office to the rescue

I love our local post office. It's easy to get to, has friendly staff and has got easy parking. It came up double trumps today, when I realised that I'd forgotten to send a friend a birthday present (her birthday was yesterday - oops). I really couldn't be bothered to go into town. I was too tired, it was too rainy and I didn't fancy the choices of horrendous town centre parking or the alternative of cycling back up that long steep hill. Besides, I needed something simple that was easy to post.

I remembered the Post Office's One-4-all gift vouchers, which offers a range of outlets where the recipient can choose to use it, from departments store to leisure facilities. Easy-peasy. Gift sorted, no queues, no parking tickets and no hassle!

It's just a shame that the Moreton Hall Post Office doesn't issue tax discs. That would round things off nicely. However, it's now easy to order these over the Internet - already did that this morning!