Friday, May 11, 2007

Switch & Bitch

I went to the Switch & Bitch evening last night ~ strange name for something that was held at the Friend's Meeting House in St John's Street. So that rules out husband-swapping or other related activities. It certainly wasn't speed-dating and had nothing to do with dogs either. However, at the end of the evening I came away with this fantastic pair of Diesel jeans, which only cost me 10 Abbots.
Bizarre I know, having to round up 10 Abbots to get a pair of cool jeans. Don't worry nobody was hurt in the process...and also... it wasn't as exciting as the image that you might have just conjured up.
However it was very worthwhile.
The evening was hosted by Bury LETS, the local bartering group that has been running in Bury for nearly 20 years. They meet every month and each meeting has a different theme. Last night's event was a clothes swap. The next meeting in June will encourage people to bring garden produce, usually organic, which is great. The best thing about all of this is that you don't pay cash for anything. They have a made-up currency called Abbots, which you earn by doing small favours for someone and which you can spend on anything you like. It's great Karma!
This all plays to my aspirations of being green and sustainable and positively balances my consumerist tendencies.
And as for the bitch side of the switch...I think that was just spin!


talj said...

Many thanks for popping over to my blog! Looks like the bartering group is great fun!!

How I miss Bury!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Talj - Yes, I love the bartering group. It's amazing how many new skills I've picked up just by dipping my toes in what is a small market. I've only been in Bury for three years but know if I left I'd miss it too. Anyway, I'll keep dropping in to look at your fab photos. 21stCM

Anonymous said...

Love the jeans 21stCM - next time get me a pair and I'll pay you in hugs and kisses ! Thanks for the advice re the dog poo all we have to do is get silly dog walkers to stop dropping thier filled dog poo bags in our recycling bin as they go past ! I'm thinking of an automated warning as they lift the lid....

Baba x

21st Century Mummy said...

Baba - Hugs and Kisses eh? It's a good job I know you. Otherwise Beloved would wonder. xx