Thursday, May 10, 2007

Robbie Williams rocks Bury St Edmunds

Happy News: Bury rocked today to the sound of "Hot Fudge" by Robbie Williams! As our gentrified population ambled upon their business and busy mums pushed their pushchairs, Hot Fudge was blasting out newly re-discovered MP3 player.

Isn't life
different when you live it through a sound-track? Having arrived in town listening to REM's Sidewinder at full blast in my car, I was already in an upbeat mood. However, listening to music on your MP3 player whilst on foot goes that bit further, it immerses you into a completely different world.

Suddenly Bury St Edmunds was transformed into a Hollywood film set and I was centre-stage, striding along the imaginary catwalk, in high stilletos and glammed up garb, whilst smiling in the direction of all the extras that passed me by!

I know my taste in music is questionnable and if you had to create a soundtrack to Bury St Edmunds, "Hot Fudge" would not quite make the top twenty. Perhaps George Formby's "I'm leaning on a lampost" with his ukelele might be more appropriate. However, what really comes to mind is the sound of the Royal Artillery Band that will be marching with pomp and circumstance on Angel Hill on Friday, at the launch of the 2007 Bury Festival.

For those who would rather ukelele music, you really should check out the soundclips by the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. You'll even be able to hear "I'm leaning on a lampost". If you've suddenly become a ukelele fan, sorry their festival gig is already sold out!

Sadly (or happily for some) Mr Williams was not in town today, except in my own imagination. If you are not a fan I am sure that his tribute band Dodgie Williams will just tickle your fancy somewhat.

Anyway, check in tomorrow for my review of the Switch & Bitch evening that I'm going to tonight. Until then I hope you enjoy the media soundbites from today's resignation of our country's Prime Minister.

P.S. the Switch & Bitch event has got nothing to do with the resignation


Ruby in Bury said...

LOL 21stC Mummy! I haven't been "wired for sound" (OMG Cliff Richard! Not good!) since I had my walkman as a teenager. On which I listed to mainly reggae, Talking Heads, Echo and the Bunnymen etc. But I remember the film set feeling very well!

I also like having music on when we're out in the car - makes car journeying fun when you have some "theme music" on the go!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Ruby. Oh Echo and the Bunnymen. Those were the days! Reminds me of a boy from school who we used to call Belly - I think it had something to do with his name! The last time I listened to a "personal stereo" was when I had my CD player for my commute to London. I'd bought my current MP3 player for work, to play a song at a toddler workshop. It was about a four legged creature who liked to paint. I spent 10 minutes in the car park trying to get the damn thing off my MP3 player. I don't think I would have had the same experience listening to toddler-pop!