Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A salon with a difference

I couldn't resist sharing some photos of the fantastic hair salon that I regularly visit. I took them this morning when I went along to see my hair stylist Lize.

As well as fabulous service and excellent results that you would expect, what also sets this salon apart is the wonderful
massage chair that you sit in whilst having your hair washed and the relaxing view of the tropical fish.

And the name of the salon... Stephen John, in Lawson Place, Moreton Hall. Other great news...they also have a beauty salon, so it's possible to spend the whole day there in sheer indulgence.

ADDENDUM: Just thought I'd mention...the telephone number for the salon is 01284 700100.


stawarz said...

Always makes me giggle when I have my hairwashed before a cut, always think of the washing area as some bondage chamber ;o)

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Stawarz, thanks for visiting. I know exactly what you mean, but that massage chair is a must don't you think. ;-)

stawarz said...

Most definitely, coupled with the head massage what can be better! ;o)