Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Center Parcs or Moreton Hall?

Please stick with me on this one...hopefully you will get my drift...

When cycling around Moreton Hall, I often think that it feels a bit like a holiday park, especially when it is sunny (unlike our current weather).

There are many safe cycleways, which lead around the estate and connect into the local centre as well as routes that take you further afield e.g, into Bury St Edmunds, to the Airfield (which has lots of interesting events such as the Kite Festival as illustrated on Ruby's blog) and onto Thurston, or to the pig farm at Rougham, etc.

There is also a great variety of playgrounds, all of which offer safe play and have different elements of interest.

For activities, you can even sign up to the Moreton Hall Health Club for two months over the summer holidays, providing local access to swimming facilities, creche provision and other events (see Mystery Shopper review here). The Self-Centre, which doesn't require membership also organises children's activities during school holidays, as well as regular workshops for adults.

(Copyright in photo belongs to Moreton Hall Health Club)

So with the kids sorted, what about indulgence and relaxation time for the grown ups? For those who enjoy the pub, there is the choice of the Moreton Hall (see photo on
Moreton Hall Diaries) or the Flying Fortress, shown below.

And for that extra bit of pampering, we are lucky to have the beauty salon at Stephen John, as well as facilities at the Moreton Hall Health Club.

I know this is beginning to sound like a plug for local businesses but it is not meant to be. However with facilities like this on tap, perhaps we'll stay here for our summer holidays...might even consider renting out our house for a week. Now what do Center Parcs charge I wonder???


Baba said...

How much would you charge...? Could we pay you in food or house cleaning services..?

21st Century Mummy said...

I would happily accept both food and house cleaning (especially the latter) ;-)