Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Morning after the Night Before

I was met by a beautiful sunset this morning, which was a great reward for getting up at at 5.00am. Not that I had anything urgent to do this morning before the school run. It's just my usual body clock kicking in, following a night out with a bottle of wine!

Last night was fab. I followed Ruby's recommendation about Kate Smurthwaite's gig at Benson Blake's. The line-up really lived up to Ruby's review. Lots of hilarity followed the wide-ranging gags. I loved the breakdown of personality types based on where people shop. The Waitrose shoppers' character analysis came home to roost. I certainly fit into the category of those who shop at Waitrose don't know the price of anything ~ which prompted my husband and I to discuss the price of a loaf of bread. I reckoned on £1.07... he confirmed it was £1.37 (yes I know it all depends on what loaf you use, he was cheating as he'd just been to the shops earlier). Anyway, not only am I in the category of not knowing the price of anything (which is shameful), but I have also upgraded my Waitrose shopping experience to buying online and having it delivered (which should be any minute now)!

Having had a fun night out last night, I'm spending the day trying to be a domestic goddess. This will be hard if not impossible (and not just because of the hangover ~ I am just not a natural). My mission is to descale! To help me on the way I've got myself lined up with a tea in my favourite mug. Next to it is the best ever limescale remover - it's non-toxic, it works and it is easy! Bought yesterday from Tickety-Boo (It looks like posh shampoo, but it is really for bathrooms). Now I do remember the price of that - £4.95 and worth every penny.