Monday, April 30, 2007

Missing in Moreton Hall

Today seems the day when the mischievous elves have been at play. The first was the case of the Missing Pond. After a visit to our local shop, we went to see if there were any ducks in the Woodland Ways pond, just off Ortewell Rd. When we got there, there was no pond (and no ducks of course), just a few bulrushes!!!

My two year old asked me who took the pond. He seemed quite happy with the answer I gave him that it was Mr Sun. However, I don't know how long it's been since Mr Raincloud and friends have been on holiday and left the pond all dried up. I'll make myself a reminder to ask when I see the Woodlands Ways group again.

So, disappointed not to see the pond, we decided to cycle off to the new playground in the Abbotsford Park development.

When we got there we discovered that the little playground had also disappeared. When we last looked the playground was just behind the shrubs in the foreground of this picture. It's gone! All that's left is some dusty old earth. Hard to believe as it's only been open for a few months.

Not too disheartened we cycled further along the path to the larger playground for older children. Oh relief, it was still there and to our surprise we also found the remnants of the other play equipment. Thank goodness, they have just been relocated and not disappeared for good.

After a quick play, we cycled back to hang out the washing to find the usual delights of the Missing Socks, a regular mystery at our house.

Strolling around the garden this afternoon, I think I've at least solved the mystery of the missing socks. I found this little monster at the bottom of the garden, who seems to eat most things. Maybe, just maybe, he's also eaten the socks (don't think he could manage the whole pond though)!