Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Breeches in Bury

My attempts at a day of domesticity completely failed when I was distracted by the sunshine and decided my time would be better spent taking my little one into the Abbey Gardens for a picnic. So down went the descaler and out came the bike. Twenty minutes later we were eating our lunch on the lawn by the Abbey Gate.

When we came out onto Angel Hill, we noticed that most of the car park outside The Athenaeum had been taken up by on-location production facilities.

Then we saw some strange men in breeches. Very obliging for the photo but would not divulge on the goings-on. No doubt we will read more in this week's BFP. just in...rumour has it that it's a pilot episode of a new David Croft comedy about the russians lending us their gold bullion.

Addendum to Addendum - Friday 4 May - Remember, you saw the rumour here first, but the BFP has today confirmed that it's pilot of "Here comes the Queen" starring Les Dennis and Wendy Richards, who play a sister and brother from Romford who find out that they are heirs to the Russian throne. I had seen a man being interviewed by a journalist on Wednesday, but couldn't recognise him from a distance. So it was Les Dennis. Interesting, but I am not too star-struck.