Monday, May 07, 2007

Hot on the heels of Heals

Now I know Bury is not London and that Moreton Hall's Barton Rd is not quite Tottenham Court Rd, but a recent addition has tempered my desire to head down to London to satisfy my romance with modern home furnishings and accessories (even if it is through window-shopping alone).

Enter Smith & Wareham's new furniture and home accessories shop and you feel immediately whisked to the likes of Heals and the Conran Shop. Okay the shop does not have the grand frontage or the location that the others offer, but once inside it is a haven for beautiful upmarket items that enjoy classic deigns and beautiful textiles. The shop includes Conran designed furniture, Farrow & Ball paints and Designers Guild fabrics. What also impressed me was the number of room-sets they are able to achieve in what is quite a small space.

The shop is very well designed with lots of lovely things to buy. In my time before children, I would probably have been a regular customer. Now, I will have to reserve visits for special treats...and the best's just a five minute drive away rather than a 2 hour train journey!