Sunday, May 06, 2007

Not quite Ayres Rock - Changing Views

Many of you who pass through Moreton Hall on Mount Road will most definitely have seen "The Mound", which was created about two years ago, by the local developers as a dumping ground for extracted earth. This "landmark" will ultimately change, when Taylor Woodrow develop the area for recreational use.

Most affectionately referred to in my family as the Moreton Hall Alps (because of its previously peaked appearance), I have witnessed many a child attempt climbing it, but never personally had the desire to venture forth and upwards until a friend visited this weekend. After a glass of wine she thought it would be a great idea.

As we approached it during the sunset, it had more of an orange glow about it and became more like Ayres Rock than the Alps. Unfortunately it had lost this glow by the time we got close enough to get a photo. We climbed all the way to the top (which took all of 30 seconds), passing through some tall vegetation.

The view was good and worth our efforts. Not as good as Ayres Rock of course, but it is the highest view of Moreton Hall that you can get from anywhere at the moment, so I count that as good.

Please bear in mind that this is a development site, so despite no safety warnings I guess it is not recommended that you climb the mound and that anybody who does so takes their safety into their own hands. So to save you the dilemma, here are a few photos of the views from the top, which include the Flying Fortress pub, the new Abbotsford Park area and the new school. (Click on images to see an enlarged photo)