Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A beautiful place to stay

After my camera phone played some silly tricks on me and posted a random pic, I thought I should add the official photos of our recent residence in Wales, a beautiful converted church in Monmouthshire.

The only downside is that after spending such a lovely time in such a beautiful building, I now find myself wanting one of these as a hang-out for my garden...watch out 21st C Dad....dangerous times with a 40th birthday on the horizon and all that!


grumpyoldwoman said...

Aha, another random pic I take it!

Ruby in Bury said...

Grumps, ha ha ha, it certainly is!!

21stCM got notification of your comment on her phone and after having a bit of a panic about which pic might have been randomly posted this time, found this extremely amusing!!

So having just received a phone call from her, I am being a Ruby Information Service to let you know that this is the interior of the beautifully converted chapel in Monmouthsire where she is staying for half term week(with a phone, but no internet access) LOL!

Hope you're having a good time 21stCM!

grumpyoldwoman said...

Hmm, only makes me wonder what OTHER pics she has on her fone......

Karen said...

LOL Grumps...honestly, the only other photos would have been just run of the mill family stuff or photos of recycling bins in monmouthshire...revealing the dullness of average life ;-D

Thanks Ruby for passing on the message...hope you both like the official photos.