Monday, March 17, 2008

Wow what a week!

Hello everyone. I hope you're well. I just wanted to say a huge hello to let you know that although I've been off doing other things and talking to anyone who would listen about rubbish, I hadn't forgotten my origins and 21st Century Mummy is still here, live and kicking!

What a bizarre week last week was. First there was the Woman's Hour column, quickly followed by a live interview on Ireland's Newstalk. Then there was Radio Suffolk and a half page spread in the East Anglian Daily Times....and a quick appearance on Radio Suffolk again this morning.

But the great news is, that after all my efforts I did manage to reduce our landfill waste to virtually nothing and have sent through my results to the council like a good girl.

The hero of the hour was my 3 year old. You know who he is...he's the one who has decorated my house with purple paint, spilled milk all over the floor and who loves rearranging the furniture.

So I called upon his talents and put him in charge of a junk art project, for him to use up the few things that were going to be put in the black bin. He did a fabulous job and definitely played his own part in our Zero Waste Week.

The problem is...he's now bellowing from his craft table...

"Mummy, I want more Rubbish"

And I am getting more frustrated because I haven't got any!


Webcam said...

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Florries Mum said...

Well done to all your family-I would have been sorely tempted to put the used plaster in the street bin-or would that have been cheating? I only managed to catch you on one listen-again of Woman's Hour, but thought you came over brilliantly-very professional. Do we see a new career on the horizon? And lovely photo in the EADT.

Ruby in Bury said...

Well done to Almost Mrs A, an welcome back 21st C Mummy! All you need to do now if find out if there are compostible plasters in existence, and if not, lobby for them !!

Have found your Zero Waste Week Efforts really inspiring - you need to come and take a look at my rubbish and give me some tips I think (LOL, tips, no pun intended!)

Fan Girl xx

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Webcam - hmm thank you.

Hi FM - thanks for the congrats...glad you listened it. It was fun to do and exciting. just watch this space for other adventures.

Hi Ruby - I'm going for the spray on plasters in future. Now I can't wait to get stuck into your trash ;-D