Monday, March 10, 2008

God help the nation, I'm on the radio this week!

I've got some very exciting news.

I'm on the radio this week.

Eeks. BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour in fact... top tips about slimming your bin with The Rubbish Diet!

Yes, that's why I said "Eeks". The private life of my bin is being broadcast to the nation!

I'm billed alongside the likes of David Cameron, who's talking about getting more women into politics and setting political quotas for women. So, if that floats your boat instead, it is well worth tuning in.

There's more info on the Woman's Hour guest column at The Rubbish Diet blog, so if you get a chance please do pop over and have a look.

And if you want to be entertained by the "behind the scenes" look at the recording, check out Ruby's post Radio Star, at her Living in Bury St Edmunds blog. It's well worth a read.


Baba said...

Congratulations you!! Fabulous article - sounds brill! XXX

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks Baba - hope you can catch tomorrow's as well as the rest of the week. :-)

Melitsa said...

I heard you! I heard you!
The podcast was a bit of treat today from WH as it had the Ladies of letters go green! added. Usually we don't get the serial. It was lovely to see BSE on the map.

I thought I was the only one who did the banana thing. The looks I get from the cashiers as they blip it through...... Hope I catch you tomorrow.

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL at the Bananas...Thanks Melitsa for listening in. I hope you've managed today's as well. Woman's Hour have done a brilliant job. It's great that you can hear it over in the States ;-D

grumpyoldwoman said...

Gosh - arent you getting famous?!

Hope your zer waste week is going well; just as well I did not join in as I filled 3 bags with the wet rubbish strewn all over my garden from other peoples over-turned dustbins (I put mine behind a hedge and it stayed upright), all of which had to go in my black bin - sigh...

Anonymous said...

Good on you!

I didn't catch the show but my mum did. She said it was really good :)

Going to take a peek at The Rubbish Diet blog now ;-)


21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Grumps - that sounds like a case of foiled again! I've found two plastic bags in my garden over the last week. Last week was an orange sainsbury's plastic carrier. Today there was a bag for life....I'm not sure if it's the wind or if it's somebody having a laugh! At least this week's was a bag for life. ;-D

Thanks Pog, and for the feedback from your mum. Hope you like the Rubbish Diet Blog (and that it makes you want to do something about your rubbish) ;-D

Bury Boy said...

We heard you on our return from Cornwall, very professional, hope you still want to meet us normal people LOL.

We did our bit for the week, As we were away from home, we generated NO rubbish in st endmundsbury. How ever while we werer away we did iour bit also, as the only form of heating on our trip was an open fire, we found every thing (nearly) could be burnt or recyled ( metal and glass). I even cast the ashes to the wind, not intentionaly you under stand, it was just a touch windy.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Well done, sweetie. You sounded great. Fabulous.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi BB - I never thought about that as a strategy, going away for Zero Waste Week...perhaps I should do that one next year eh! But good on you for doing your bit while you were away.

Glad you heard the column and of course I'll still hang out with fellow ordinary citizens, but I do have my new standards about rubbish of course, so when we meet up there has to be no crisps!

Hi Jo - I'm so glad you managed to listen in...and I promise your little pressie is almost on its way...I just had to wait for a jiffy bag I could save from the depths of the black bin ;-D