Friday, February 15, 2008

First seaside trip of the year

It was bitterly cold, thanks to the brisk breeze. We were wearing hats, scarves and gloves but it was still blimming freezing, so cold my legs were numb. Strangely it's always cold whenever we visit Aldeburgh and yesterday's first visit of the year was no different.

The colour of the sea reflected the grey sky, giving the North Sea the reputation that has long been in existence.

Yet, the beach maintained its appeal.

It was easy to forget the cold with millions of pebbles to hand and a huge sea to welcome them and much fun was had throwing them back into the grey water.

It was a great way to spend Valentine's Day, en famille, doing something that was really nothing. However it was the nothingness that made it a great afternoon out.

While browsing in the Aldeburgh Market shop, I came across the unusual sight of Octopus and Squid, which were available from the deli counter. I'm not sure whether I bought them out of love or wickedness, but I thought it would be an interesting treat for 21st C Dad's dinner, not mine I must add as I am too squeamish. Too squeamish to even take a photo, but I am sure you can find plenty on Flickr.


Rosie said...

21st CM you are very brave. We went to the seaside in November and whilst it was a great day out with family and friends I found the grey skies and cold wind very bleak and depressing. We still had ice-creams though! Very British!! Hope 21CD enjoyed his dinner?!

Bury Girl said...


Rosie said...

Ha ha ha, I can do double posting too. LOL! By the way I've never seen the label 'Throwing pebbles' before!

I may return for my third posting!

Florries Mum said...

What did you do with the octopus and squid? Did you give them to 21stCDad to cook? If it was me he'd have been eating on his own too.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Rosie - oh boooger, we forgot the ice-creams. However the boys did enjoy chocolate lollipops in the shape of light-houses. Yes 21stC Dad did enjoy his dinner and said last night (while rubbing his tummy), he fancied octopus again. You *must* come back for a third posting ;-D

Yes Bury was FreeeeeeeeeeeeezING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

Hi FM - LOL. Yes 21st Dad did cook it, in a little olive oil and garlic. Then he ate it with rice and vegetables. Needless to say, I just had the rice and vegetables. I am so glad there weren't any leftovers ;-D