Friday, February 01, 2008

Blogging live with a difference

Yes, I am blogging live with a difference today, from The Lounge in Bury St Edmunds.

That's pretty normal, you might think, but not today. There is something special going on.

Today's a great day, but not because January is over and now past its sell by date, nor because of the relief of getting my tax return off in time (even though that does make me cheery)

No today is a great day because of something special that has happened in Bury St Edmunds.

Have a look at the photo and you'll get a clue or two.
Can you see it yet, just to the left of the computer.... the red magazine with the big word ABOUT on it?

Yes it's the magazine that everyone is talking about. It's the buzz of Bury St Edmunds and by the end of the weekend, if you live in Bury, you will see copies of About Bury everywhere and I mean everywhere.

About Bury is special because it is no ordinary magazine. It is a project that has been created by my great friend Ruby, the person behind the Living in Bury St Edmunds blog and is the magazine that she has always dreamt of since moving here. It is a natural progression from her blog, where she has a respectful following from residents and shopkeepers alike. Ruby has been the talk of the town for a long time before today and deservedly so.

Anyway, I'm going to let you into a secret, but keep it to yourselves won't you as I don't like boasting about my own accomplishments. I go shy and blush a little.

However, just for this one moment I am going to shout very loudly and tell the world that Ruby has brought me on board as FEATURES EDITOR for this beautiful beautiful magazine. I think she must have noticed my passion for all things Bury St Edmunds along the way (either that or she's completely mad).

My first main feature is about Wi-Fi Hotspots in the town centre, with a listing of all the venues that offer free access. You'll see it under the Eating and Drinking section.

So for all those people who think I've just been having fun, at last there is evidence that I have actually been working while I've been "gadding" about town. After all how can you possibly write about the vibrancy of Bury St Edmunds if you don't actually live it and experience it?

The funny thing is, my cover has now been blown. Whilst delivering the magazines around Bury yesterday, we dropped into The Lounge to find staff in a huddle chatting. Someone had told them about some blogposts about the cafe, which were on some website called 21st Century Mummy and they'd been looking at the blog that morning, trying to work out who it was.

I blushed, gave a big smile and put my hands up....

"It's me"

So it looks like it's not just Ruby who's out of the closet. I am too. I just hope I've not got much apologising to do....Better go and have a look at my archive.

P.S. Do pop over to Ruby's Living in Bury St Edmunds site for lots of news about the magazine. It's fab. And don't forget to have a look at the website, which is in its infancy at the mo but will be a great site with lots of welly behind it.


picklesmum said...

I was wondering about that, you two have really outed yourselves with this! I am remaining firmly locked in the closet!

Patricia said...

If this magazine is as wonderful as yours and Ruby blogs - I can't imagine how great it must be !! But, how can I get a copy "over here", in the states ??

Baba said...

Well well! Congrats to both of you, what a great achievement - am very proud of you!! Would love to see a copy! XXX

grumpyoldwoman said...

Are you sure it wasnt the deerstalker hat, dark glasses and pants on top of your trousers that gave you away 21stCM? I am staying in the closet too - for now.

Got my copies at last - pushed through my door at my place of work. Looks great. What clever girls you are!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Picklesmum - Staying in the closet is wise. Just make sure you're comfy with a nice cup of coffee and lots of great magazines to read ;-D

Hi Patricia - thanks so much for the compliments. If you want to get hold of a copy you could email Ruby via her blog and arrange a subscription, or very soon she will be publishing a PDF for people to download. So you should be able to see it soon ;-D

Awww Baba - thanks - I'll send you a copy when I get some spare. Every time i get a box, they fly out of my hands. Strange that ;-D

LOL Grumps - Okay it was the pants that gave it away. I'm going to have to now change my look and go in disguise. Thanks or the support and so glad you've got your copies. ;-D

Hoffy said...

21CM - Great to see you all last night to join in the celebrations. It was a great night for this special event. We didn't get back until about 1.30am. Bit tender today! Hope your feet are better today (you should have accepted the piggy-back offer!). Speak soon.

Hoffy. x

Florries Mum said...

Hoffy I hope you didn't stop for a kebab on the way home!
And be grateful you weren't kicked out of bed by a growling dog/husband at an unearthly hour so that they could carry on sleeping while I had to go to work. BTW anyone find a watch?

Hoffy said...

FM - LOL! Thanks for a great night. Really enjoyed it! No watch but can't find me phone! Not round yours is it?

Florries Mum said...

Panic over-found my watch in the box of chocolates-Doh!! Sorry Hoffy no phone though-try ringing it and I'll see if my sofa vibrates.

Bury Girl said...

I'm a newbie staying in the closet too or I might have to get clubby?

Bury Girl said...

I'm a newbie staying in the closet too or I might have to get clubby?

Paul F said...

I had no idea you were features editor 21CM. You'll always be 21CM to me. We met once but I'm not sure I would recognise you now - except from the glow of justified pride!

A lot of people would like me to stay in the closet BG!

picklesmum said...

I did out myself to Hoffy in a moment of bravery/ madness is Risbygate Street last year! One day I may surprise you too Mr F!

david said...

21CM - red? More like a sunset orange with a warm chocolate background.

PM - as you look just like your animation, I think that you have half-outed yourself. And if you are still wearing those lime green crocs about Bury, that's fully out.

Laura McIntyre said...

Oh Congrats, must feel wondeful

picklesmum said...

David, it has been to chilly for crocs recently. I don't go in for the crocs 'n' socks look myself. But they will be back when the sun returns!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Hoffy - great to see you too. My feet are now fine and in good spirit thank you. Thanks very much for the alternative transport offer, but you never know who's around with their camera ;-D

Hi Florriesmum... I am just glad that you've found your watch. What I want to know now is what you and Hoffy were up to ;-D xx

LOL Bury Girl - the closet is generally a great idea. At least you'll be in good company with Picklesmum ;-D

Thanks Paul - I'm a dark horse you know...and LOL at the closet. I don't think there's any more room left anyway, so the only place left is to remain out ;-D

Ha Ha Picklesmum - I think you pick Halloween for the best effect, either that or go carol singing at Christmas (and of course you'll need your crocs) ;-D

Oh David, as ever you are right and what a beautiful description....just lovely. ;-D

Thanks Laura - it is great to at last have the magazine out and about in Bury St Edmunds. Now onto the next rest for the wicked eh!