Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slimming my bin with The Rubbish Diet

Today I had my first experience of modelling. Sorry that's a lie. Eighteen years ago I modelled a library management system with a PC monitor and lightpen for the BBC's news programme.

Then today I modelled my black bin!

I get the best contracts eh! Well actually, they aren't even contracts, both have been purely voluntary.

Today's modelling experience was for the benefit of St Edmundsbury's Zero Waste programme and the promotion of Zero Waste Week, for which I have registered with great enthusiasm. The rising amount of waste in landfill sites does concern me, as does the pain of managing waste within the four walls of my tiny kitchen.

It is with this news that I am also launching...wait for it...a new blog, which will track my progress in trying to reduce our family's residual waste to Zero in time for Zero Waste Week (10th-17th March). Pop along to The Rubbish Diet site to check out what it's all about. You'll be able to keep track on my progress, but be warned I have opted for a new identity. So if you see me commenting on your blogs with my other name, please remember it's me.

If you don't see much activity on this site over the next few weeks, you'll know I am busy talking rubbish on the other blog ("what's new" I hear you say!). However I promise that I will keep up-to-date with other topics that take my fancy!

Thanks to those people in Bury St Edmunds who have registered as a result of reading the details on this blog. If you haven't done so already and would like to get involved, you can register with the Council here.