Sunday, December 23, 2007

TV Christmas Specials

(Photo by Flickr's Retromod)

Oh 'tis now the season for the pap TV Christmas specials. Some are good...but on the other hand...most are just a poor excuse for television.

I am just tickled by the fact that following a cross-channel schedule offering "Anthea Turner: Perfect Christmas", "Nigella's Christmas Kitchen", "Noel's Christmas Presents", and "An audience with Ronnie Corbett", BBC3 rounds the evening off quite nicely with its "The Most Annoying People of 2007". Surely that will make annoying TV in itself, with all the annoying TV people commenting on their very annoying colleagues.....what great Christmas spirit!

I'm tempted to stick to the Christmas carols, but with all that TV annoyance I think I might join in. After all it is Christmas.


Jo Beaufoix said...

I will definitely not be watching any Anthe Turner this Christmas. She gives me hives.

21st Century Mummy said...

I share your reaction Jo...and just before Christmas is not the best time to get them ;-D