Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Christmas Card from 21st CM

A YouTube Christmas Card for you all to enjoy

So today marks the last opportunity for me to get all my Christmas cards written in time to send in the post. It's always a tricky time due to my lack of organisation...ringing relatives to find out latest address of their sons and daughters; rummaging through new address cards received through the year, musing over whether that is the current address for friends who have moved during the last twelve months

Then, comes the next part....remembering to post them!

At least you've got your Christmas card, well in time for Christmas....Season's greeting from 21st Century Mummy and her 21stC clan!

Addendum - Yey...I am getting there....that's about 60 cards written today (good news is that 35 of those were the responsibility of my 6 year old for him to take into his class), not to mention the 20 that were sent through Facebook. There are only 7 addresses I can't find, thanks to 21st C Dad being unable to find his Filofax...I should have guessed that would happen since following his upgrade to his PDA this year. Having sent off the cards to our family last week, that now only leaves about 15 left to send....I think I'll leave those for another day.


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL Its lovely, ever year i promise to do cards and well every year do not get around to it

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Laura - My list is getting shorter and shorter by the year...thanks to the mischievous elf who keeps stealing the addresses ;-D

grumpyoldwoman said...

I find the whole christmas card thing a bit of a palaver. Do you send them to people you see every day (seems a bit pointless), to relatives you cant stand (got a few of those), to absent friends who you may never meet again?

Also I have to write them for work as well..... its never ending.

21st Century Mummy said...

Christmas cards always sends me into a shudder...partly it's because of the cost, and then the time, but especially because I get so frustrated that I can type a hell of a lot faster than I can ecards here I come.

BTW - a great idea for colleagues is to stuff the cards and buy a tin of chocolates that everyone can share ;-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh what a cute card. I may have to nab it. You always fond such cool stuff. Happy Christmas.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Jo - of course you can nab it. It was funny the other day at the school Christmas play. They were singing this song and all I could think of were the snowmen. ;-D