Saturday, November 03, 2007

OK Go treadmill featuring LEGO

Following significant research, please find herewith an interesting alternative to last night's post...enjoy...


elizabethm said...

Hi, have come to your blog rather circuitously via a mutual interest in Francine Raymond (have now got the chickens and they are the kind of good idea I should have had ages ago).
Have done the big move out from city to country and what a good idea. My kids are grown now although rather less gone than I thought they would be when they were little but nevertheless fabulous. Nobody ever tells you how wonderful it is to have adult children.

Love your blog. Sorry to tell you that I (maybe 20 years on from where you are , not sure ) still have the Bree van der Kamp friend. Cheerily incompetent slobbishness never dies, it just gets a little bit less bothered.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Elizabethm - thanks so much for popping by to say hello. I love your phrase "cheerily incompetent slobbishness". I can relate to that very well. I've spotted your blogs...will pop over for a read and hopefully find out about the chickens...I can't wait to have a garden big enoug ;-D