Thursday, October 25, 2007

Giss a Kiss...

Further greetings from Somerset, where we have been visiting the family...erm not the humped- back kind...but my in-laws in Bristol. Some might ask what's the difference, but I am lucky that 21st C Dad is blessed with kindly relatives.

We've had a fabulous time meeting up with the family at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, just off the M5, outside Bristol.

There was lots to do...

including this...

and this.... a very bumpy tractor ride and lots of play in the the indoor barn, plus an animal show, with the opportunity to stroke a snake and an alligator.

See you again soon...21st Century Mummy xxx

P.S. Did I mention the alpacas in the field at the bottom of our garden....they are sooooooo cute. I will miss them when we leave.