Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nice Saturday Post

I love getting post, you know, the old fashioned type that gets shoved through your letterbox and lands on your doorstep with a big THUD!

Normally our post is a mixture of bills, junk mail and reminders of things to do, but today it was different. It was full of nice heartwarming lovely stuff...things that just make you smile.

On the left of the photo is an invitation that I received to go to the opening party of the forthcoming exhibition at the Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, entitled Traditional Skills, New Thinking: Stitching and Knitting for the 21st Century. Having just become a member of the gallery, I am now looking forward to going along to the event on Tuesday evening.

On the right is a 15% off voucher for East. I was thinking I need some new jumpers to keep me warm through the winter and the offer of a discount is always helpful.

In the centre of the photo is a stunning postcard from Monet's Garden in Giverny, which came in an envelope, adorned with beautiful French handwriting. It was from Monsieur et Madame LEROY, my sister's in-laws, sent as a thank you for the present that we recently bought them for their 40th wedding anniversary. Merci Francoise et Yvan, je vous en prie.

Last but not least, poking out from the top of the photo is a letter confirming a subscription to the BBC's Good Food magazine. It was a surprise present from my friend Baba, for no reason at all, except for her enthusiasm for good food and wanting to share the joy! Thank you Baba - that was a wonderful surprise.

It's been a very happy Saturday, thanks to some very nice people and a few great surprises.

ADDENDUM: I have just popped over to see what Picklesmum has been up to. Take a look at her recent post about her post (or is that her post about her recent post?) Looks like hers would have made a bigger thud than mine and not just on the doormat!

Despite the coincidence, there is now a bit of a theme so I think this would now make a great I am tagging Jo Beaufoix and Ruby to post about their own post. I'm looking forward to it girls so don't disappoint.


Baba said...

Hi 21st C Mummy! So glad you like the good food subscription - I just know you've have so much fun reading and using the recipes and advice.....its one of the best presents we've ever had, so it comes well recommended! I expect a full run down of all of your experiments and of course we can compare notes too! Hope the rest of your day has been as much fun! LOL xx

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Baba - I can't wait to get cooking. I've just got to wait for it to come through the door. Had a great day, bused it into town to buy some bins of the market to tackle my recycling. They look great!