Monday, September 10, 2007

Going downhill

Today after school, we found a new pleasure. We rolled down a hill, scooted down it and rode a tractor down it too (lots and lots of times). I love outdoor play, and on a day when child experts have expressed concern over the lack of access to playing outdoors, I am even more determined to do my bit.

I'm also excited about testing out the new blogger embedded video facility. I love online gadgetry. So fingers-crossed. I hope this works.

Addendum: Seems to work in Mozilla Firefox but not Internet Explorer. Oh well, never mind.


picklesmum said...

Wow! Is that a mini version of 'The Risbygate Dip' but on Moreton Hall Estate? Didn't realise you had one too!
Cool video, well done.

Melitsa said...

Picklesmum: I can't imagine going down the Risbygate dip on a tractor! Only for pure thrill seekers...come to think of it I don't know how they do it on sledges either...guess I'm just a lightweight!:)

Cool video. I just blogged briefly about this article as well.

mummyonashoestring said...

Looks great fun and has definately struck a chord in my household. My eldest daughter enjoys going to Parks and Playgrounds, but finds it difficult to amuse herself in her own garden, thus making it difficult to encourage outdoor play without myself getting involved. We have a playtable and playhouse outside, but they still don't do the trick - any ideas? We have started to do a bit of gardening with the encouragement from Daddy, but the garden is a little uninspiring.

Ruby in Bury said...

Oh! Can't see the vid as yet, but I only have i.e. on my laptop - which is probably why. Will have a look on Mr Ruby's computer later!

Jo Beaufoix said...

That looks such fun.
Is that near where you live.
If it's your garden I will cry, hee hee.

And how cute are your boys.

We've had a fab time outdoors the last two days.

Misses E and M have been shattered...hooray.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh, forgot to say, tres umpressive technical prowess young lady.

21st Century Mummy said...

Picklesmum - it's great to have this close by. There is also a trodden-down circuit which can be used for a pre-schooler race track as well. I am forever resourceful. I am now looking forward to some winter snow. The sledge is tucked away in the garage, ready and waiting. ;-D

Melitsa - I don't think I could quite face the Risbygate Dip. That seems far too scary. Admittedly, I watched on thinking oooh what about potential broken limbs, but got over my "over-protectiveness" after they graduated from the first couple of trials!

Mummyonashoestring - I must say I love your blog name. What worked for us re outdoor play was creating little dens in the garden, we have a secret path to the back gate, where the children create all sorts of role-play, a willow den which has been a fort, pirate ship, hospital, but more recently a haven for wasps. We also made a dinosaur world on a 2ftx2ft piece of garden featuring some mini conifers and some plastic dinosaurs. It worked like magic. Not sure if it will work for girls though, but good luck ;-D

Ruby - hopefully Mr Ruby's PC allows you to see the video. Let me know if it can't. It would be interesting info for that fantastic blogging course that is coming up...wink wink.

Jo...please be reassured that is not our back is the land ahoy that exists outside our own little ship. The weather has been fab for outdoor play hasn't it. As a parent I feel so much better for getting the little legs out for a run. My friend Dorothy likened it to walking the dogs, in a friendly way of course. When they play outside, it is far less stressful, with less arguing and fewer tussles and loads of smiles. They also get off to sleep easier too....fantastic!