Monday, September 24, 2007

Geek is Chic...

(Image by Timmy Toucan,retrieved from Flickr)

Since the arrival of my laptop, I've been mostly busy partying. However during the hours that I haven't been indulging in a glass of wine or running things on the home-front, I have been satisfying my hidden geeky side.

So for all of my fellow geeks out there, this is what I have been getting very excited about over the last few days...(for non-geeky readers, you have permission to catch up on your!)

Are you ready....if so...sit back and relax for my weekend geeky count-down...

In at number 10...geek-time got off to a slow start, while I tried to crack the code to our wireless router. ..then attempted to remember the name and password so we could change the code. End Result. 21st C Dad had to reset the router, so that we could start afresh...oh least the codes were kept in a safe place then!

No 9 - WAH HEY...things are starting to happen now! Full indulgence levels met by taking laptop off to a Wi-Fi hotspot for a bit of blogging while 21st C Dad took charge of baby-sitting!

No 8 - WOO HOO...excitement building upon the realisation that I can upload my Canon photos onto laptop without having to search for proprietary that's clever!

No 7 - the pleasure of I don't mean doing the washing up while I surf but being able to keep on top of the 9pm-10pm slot, while I catch up with PC stuff whilst sat on the sofa. YEE-AHH.
(Now this is a real give-away...of course I know that real geeks don't watch TV).

No 6 - GREENING UP...catching up with the ONLINE Sunday Newspapers whilst indulging in a more papers strewn across the house for the whole week!

No 5 - YOU WHAT?...discovering the website, where you can arrange to deliver a message to your future self (and then sending an email to my future-self).

No 4 - OH THE remembering how to reconfigure the regional settings... to stop that annoying @ sign appearing when you want the " sign and vice versa.

No 3 - COOL.....Installing
Mozilla Firefox in favour of Internet Explore and the pleasure of reconfiguring it to use the scribblies theme. Girly geeks will just love the little juggler that appears when the PC is "thinking"....

No 2 - PHEW....The relief of installing Yahoo Messenger for the benefits of automatic email announcement!I love it when the little envelope appears with its teen-weeny asterisk


... the OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD EXPERIENCE of using the new fingerprint technology to log on to my Win XP account.... that's GENIUS!

Getting a new PC is like moving house...After a little personalisation and a tweak here and there, only then does it begin to feel like home...21st Century Mummy 2007


a.n.other said...

I am suitably impressed, and would be even more so if I knew what it all meant! I get some of it, but sadly, not all.
Yesterday, I suggested to Ruby that she could do an online blogging class....perhaps you could do on line pc class, to go with it!

Baba said...

I am seriously in awe of you 21st Century Mummy but I have to confess you left me behind at No. 10.....and I would love to know how you fit everything in to your routine???!!! I have no children but struggle to get to sit down by 9pm each night....there must be a book that can help me......

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi an.n.other - I love the sound of an online PC class. However, I don't think I would ever leave the computer and who would make the dinner ;-D

Hi Baba - I've got an idea...I could write a book to help you...hmmm, but when would I fit that in...can you wait till next century, when it might be ready :-D

Melitsa said...

Sounds like you had way too much fun :)

You've got to try twitter if you're trying all things new :)

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Melitsa - LOL, I am thoroughly enjoying myself...I've been tempted by Twitter but worry I would be updating it with almost everything I get up to ;-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sounds fabulous dwahling.
And fingerprint technology, wow.