Sunday, July 29, 2007

Postcard from...Flatford (Constable Country)

Greetings from Willy Lott's cottage in Flatford, also known as Constable Country. The scene in the postcard is the modern day setting for John Constable's Hay Wain painting, which was finished in 1821.

I have not been a particular fan of John Constable's work. I think I was too affected by the 1970's trend in Welsh interior design, where virtually every household I knew proudly displayed their own copy on the living room walls. However, that does not prevent my admiration of the talents of one of Britain's most famous artists and it was a great opportunity to walk around the local vicinity, spotting the scenes which Constable depicted nearly 200 years ago.

The countryside is beautiful and offers a gentle walk alongside the River Stour. Many of the local buildings are now owned by the National Trust, which leases them to third parties so unfortunately they are closed to the public. However Bridge Cottage hosts a small exhibition with is free to visit and there is also has a National Trust shop and tea room in the neighbouring building.

For a family visit, Flatford is definitely cheap on the pocket, costing only £2.20 for car parking. There is no fee to visit Flatford itself. Of course, there are always opportunities to spend more money if you want in the shop, tea room or on boat-hire. However, if you take a picnic and are happy with a gentle stroll in a very interesting setting, you won't be disappointed.

We couldn't resist sending a real postcard to my family back in Wales, the real home of my Constable memories. Our 5 year old was determined to find a funny postcard...and we did...

He ran out of the Information Centre shouting "Hee hee Daddy. We found a picture of a cart stuck in the middle of a river...that will make Nanny laugh!"

Oops, I think I have to work on his artistic appreciation there!

Wish you were here to enjoy the scenery...21st C Mummy xxx


Motheratlarge said...

Lucky you - summer in England! I'm not joking, husband and I both miss England.

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks motheratlarge. Yes, we are enjoying it and fingers-crossed have not been badly hit by the horrible weather that some have experienced.