Saturday, July 14, 2007

Naughty Mummy!

Okay... it's 1.15am on Saturday morning and I know I am a naughty mummy. I have just rolled in after a night out with a very large group of ladies from my eldest son's class. (I must make sure I've phrased that right...a very large group of ladies, not a group of very large ladies...good...nobody should take any offence then...). Feeling a bit worse for wear after three large glasses of wine and two G&Ts. Not great for a mother of two, in her late thirties, with a bbq to organise tomorrow morning (or is that this morning?)

Sshhh...must be quiet...everyone is sound asleep in bed...even 21st C Dad, who is a bit of a night owl!

Must say, I got a bit of a surprise on arriving home. The milkman has already early is that?! I'm well impressed. Norma and I just passed him on the way home and couldn't believe our eyes. Anyway, thanks for the lift Norma, see you and Ada tomorrow to gossip about the night before!


Councillor Paul Farmer said...

This picture inspired me to take my Southgate St one.

Thanks also for letting me know the poll facility was out of draft. I think its really great. Do you think it is not possible to vote more than once? I've tried and can't.

Ruby in Bury said...

LOL 21stCMummy!!!! I am very glad you clarified that the group was large and not the ladies, hee hee!!!

I wonder if the milkman does that so he doesn't have to get up early - he goes to bed late, instead. If I was a milkman, that's probably what I'd prefer to do!!